April Cooking Classes at Duo, Courtesy of Tracy Rathbun and Lynae Fearing

DUO, Tracy Rathbun and Lynae Fearing‘s nexus of all things culinary, teaches home cooks how to make everything from breakfast to barbecue. Led by a cadre of talented local chefs, DUO’s fun, interactive classes provide home cooks with the guidance and instruction needed to improve their culinary skills. April’s hands-on classes will cover a variety of topics, from breakfast and brunch to tapas and barbecue. As an added bonus, all students who attend one of DUO’s Friday classes will receive 20% off an after-class lunch at Shinsei.

Upcoming cooking classes include:

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  • Friday, April 8, 11 am – 1 pm—Food For: Drink to Your Health—Dr. Theresa Oswald and Abacus’ Lorin Grant will teach attendees the art of concocting energy packed smoothies and rejuvenating teas.
  • Tuesday, April 12, noon – 1:30 pm—Spanish Tapas—Chef Omar Flores, Executive Sous Chef at Abacus, will teach the art of Spanish Tapas, and he’ll prepare some of his favorite dishes like gampas al ajlio and potato croquettes.
  • Tuesday, April 12, 6:30 – 8:30 pm—Flavor: Bitter—Carol Lander teaches students about this necessary component of our diet and how bitter may be the new “flavor of the month.”
  • Wednesday, April 13, 11 am – 1 pm—Fresh is Fabulous—Yolanda Banks will teach and inspire people to cook simple, healthy meals using seasonal ingredients with global flavors.
  • Thursday, April 14, 1 – 2 pm – Stems of Dallas Design Class—Kate Hooper and Katy Utley, owners of Stems of Dallas, will share flower arranging tips. Learn the art of modern centerpieces and tabletop décor, and gain practical floral design knowledge to bring a splash of spring into your home.
  • Friday, April 15, noon – 1:30 pm – Breakfast & Brunch—Join Chef Omar, Executive Sous Chef at Abacus, for cocktails and delicious breakfast and brunch treats as you learn how to pull off the perfect brunch for you and your friends.
  • Tuesday, April 19, noon – 1 pm – Easter—Chef Omar will show twists on traditional favorites, like roasted leg of lamb with smoked fingerling potatoes that will keep your family coming back for seconds.
  • Thursday, April 21, 11 am – 1 pm – Food For: You at Your Best—Dr. Theresa Oswald and Abacus’ Lorin Grant will teach you how to fill up on whole foods rich in phytonutrients that are known for their ability to fight inflammation and foster repair.
  • Tuesday, April 26, 6:30 – 8:30 pm – Regional Italy: Liguria—Carol Lander will start the culinary tour of Italy in the birthplace of pesto, Liguria, where guests will focus on classic recipes from the region, including Torta di Zucchine and Focaccia di Recco.
  • Wednesday, April 27, 11 am -1 pm – Fresh is Fabulous—Yolanda Banks will teach and inspire guests to cook simple, healthy meals such as Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut and Italian Wedding Soup with Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Pilaf.
  • Friday, April 28, noon – 1:30 pm – Cajun—Chef Omar will focus on Cajun cuisine with its pungent flavors of seafood and game to showcase recipe including Gumbo Smoked Chicken and Andouille Sausage and Creole Shrimp with Grilled Scallion Yellow Corn Grits and Tabasco Butter.

Cooking classes range from $45 to $65. To sign up, call Lorin Grant at 214 884-2979.


  • Maggie

    So, these are cooking classes for housewives I guess since they are smack in the middle of the day when most people are at work? So bummed. Would LOVE to see something like this offered during the evenings or weekends for the rest of us….

  • Tuesday the 12th and Tuesday the 26th are evening classes. We are scheduling more in the evening, we will send out notices when we add classes.

  • Or you could treat yourself to the occasional long lunch hour. (usually runs around an hour and a half). Hope to see you soon!

  • Please let us know any time/topic suggestions and we will be glad to add more classes! The only suggestions we’ve had so far is for day classes so especially those that can do evenings, let us know!