Voice Your Opinion on The Park’s Restaurant

I can’t wait for The Park to be open. I know it’s a while away, but still, I like to think about all its possibilities. As Katie Minchew tells us, the people at The Park are currently looking for a local to head up the restaurant that will open late 2012. If you have any thoughts, let Shawn Fullam know at [email protected] Or put your ideas in the comments.


  • Leo

    I vote for bread winners cafe!!

  • Lee Oden

    Adair’s’!!!!!!!!!!! Or alternatively, bring back Spanish Village!!!!!

  • slade


  • Zo

    La Duni

  • Tahini

    Above are terrible suggestions. +1 for Square One, for that shake shack effect.

  • Emily

    York Street Redux

  • Operator

    People, I believe when they say “local to head up the restaurant”, they are speaking of an individual from the metroplex to lead the restaurant.

  • Stacy B

    Maybe somebody can talk Stephan Pyles into doing something similar to what Robert Del Grande has done at Discovery Green in Houston – The Lake House, though, not The Grove (although I love The Grove!).

  • downtowner

    David Uygur. Stephen Pyles. Kelly Hightower.

  • 31858060


  • Andrew Chalk

    Marc Cassel: From Park to The Park.


    Get Jason Weaver back.

  • Christopher

    Colicchio’s ‘Wichcraft
    Shake Shack

  • Leigh Bailey

    Patrizio!! It’s affordable & locally owned!!