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Trailercakes Cupcakes Take D Magazine by Storm

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I am not sure when a trend becomes a tradition, when a flash in the pan becomes an American classic, but I suspect we are at the tipping point with the cupcake.

Before you tell me to put a macaron in it, please allow me to introduce you to the very cupcake that I think might be over the edge: Trailercakes.

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On Friday I was gifted a dozen and quickly shuffled them to the office for an official taste test. We tried Hitched (white cake/white icing), RV (red velvet with just the right hint of cream cheese in the frosting), OMG (chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache with little “sparks” of chocolate in the cake), 24 Carrot (both disappeared before I got a bite), Strawberry Fields (real strawberries in the frosting, topped with a little heart cut from a Pop-Tart), and PB&J (the smell of which had us drooling even before we opened the box). The vote was unanimous.

Here’s just a sampling of what our tasters, which numbered about 10, had to say:

“This might be my favorite thing in the world.”

“This icing is unreal.”

“It’s like the most awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever.”

“Holy  moly! That’s the best cupcake I’ve ever had anywhere.”

“My! Oh! I like it! What’s happening to me!?!”

If that doesn’t make my point, I don’t know what will.

TrailercakesThe brains behind these incredible baked goods are Leora Lesh and Heather Zidell. They both have day jobs (real estate and internet sales, respectively), and they share a passion for cupcakes. Between deals they’re baking in a commercial kitchen in Richardson. Right now, the cupcakes are available only for delivery in orders of three dozen or more. And in a matter of weeks they’ll be making those deliveries in a shiny refurbished Airstream named Bubbles. Won’t that be fun?