The Dallas Must-Do List: Eat a Jimmy’s Sandwich

Courtney bites into the Cuban.

After last week, I have now done six of the Things Every Dallasite Must Do. Now I’m going for my 7th: Eat a sandwich at Jimmy’s Food Store.

I wasn’t quite sure if Jimmy’s would live up to my expectations when I first found the place. I’ve always heard how great the sandwiches are and how much I’d love the food. At first glance, I wasn’t convinced.

The market-style restaurant threw me off initially, until I got a good look of the layout of the place. I couldn’t help but notice the funny looks given to me and D Magazine’s shopping intern, Maggie, when we walked in wearing heels and holding our iPhones. It’s not the type of place where a dress code is enforced.

After stumbling past aisle after aisle of wine bottles, we finally found where you were supposed to order your sandwich at the back of the store. I took a look at the menu and ordered what the man behind the counter suggested was his favorite, the Cuban sandwich. The description read, “Toasted on a 6″ bun with roasted pork, ham, Swiss, pickles, and mojo sauce.” I didn’t ask what the mojo sauce was, but being the picky eater I am, I got my sandwich minus the pickles.

Since the sandwich takes 10 to 15 minutes of prep time, I thought I’d take a look around. The place is full of fresh food, any type of wine you can think of, and frozen food section with plenty of of ice cream, wheat pizza dough, and something called pumpkin tortellini (which I’m not brave enough to try). The concrete floors and cramped aisles didn’t really feel like a restaurant, but when my name was called to get my food, the guy ringing me up asked if we were dining in or taking it to-go. I said dining-in, and to my surprise, there is a small seating area behind the register to eat.

When I finally got around to trying the Cuban, I was pleasantly surprised. Like I said before, I’m a very picky eater. Outwardly the sandwich looks pretty normal, but the combination of ham, roasted pork and Swiss really tasted pretty good. I think the mojo sauce had something to do with it as well, but overall I was impressed with Jimmy’s Food Store. The ambiance of the place was also a plus, considering that Italian music was playing over the loud speaker and we even got to hear two men speaking Portuguese sitting at the table next to us. All in all, Jimmy’s Food Store has a good sandwich, and I will say it’s worth the visit.

Courtney Foreman is a D Magazine intern working her way through the Dallas Must-Do List.

Where to get your sandwich at Jimmy's


  • nickss16

    More than just a “good” sandwich… Jimmy’s Cuban is the best sandwich in Dallas in my opinion… especially when you ask for the spicy version… yum.

  • mark


  • DFWFoodie

    I’m from Tampa, Florida, where there is a HUGE Cuban influence. I was raised eating Cuban sandwiches with black beans and rice. I’ve tried Jimmy’s version and it is amazing! Definitely my go-to when I’m craving my childhood sandwich!

  • JakeH

    “I couldn’t help but notice the funny looks given to me and D Magazine’s shopping intern, Maggie, when we walked in wearing heels and holding our iPhones. It’s not the type of place where a dress code is enforced.”

    What the hell are you talking about!? Jimmy’s is one of the major foodie centers in town! Everyday at lunch you see plenty professionals in suits and business attire crowding the counter to get a sandwich. It’s not like people are loincloths and picking their noses when they go to Jimmy’s. You make it out like people took one look at your high heels and iPhone and said “Dem ladies sure are fancy, hyuck. I bet they have mahty nice teef!”

  • Maybe she didn’t notice the BMW’s parked around the place! The neighborhood is a little sketchy. But, not Jimmy’s!

  • Clark Kent

    Meatball sandwhich is way overrated – very average!

  • best sandwich in dallas.

  • DFoodieGirl

    I don’t think the intern has made it around the food block yet. Jimmy’s is Old School… it’s an institution. Everything @ Jimmy’s is from NYC or Italy (the Cannolis!!) Gotta remember: the best of things don’t always come in neat & shiny packaging (or the best neighborhoods).

    BTW — that new sandwich (braised pork with broccoli rabe and roasted red peppers) is out of this world.

    P.S. Pumpkin tortellini: great during winter months. Serve with brown butter, a few fresh sage leaves, black pepper & Parmesan. Delicioso!

  • Niles

    You must live in Uptown

  • LJT

    Gah…this “writer” is really getting on my nerves. Why is D sending a self-proclaimed picky eater to anything? That reminds me…I hate picky eaters.

  • Bobby Ewing

    @JakeH: Hahahaha.
    @The Intern Courtney: Keep expanding your horizons. This is obviously placing you outside your comfort zone and that’s a great thing!

  • OED

    Jimmy’s is surrounded by some of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods, including Swiss Avenue, Lakewood, Munger Place, M Streets and yes, just up Fitzhugh is a little old ‘hood called the Park Cities. Think we’ve seen an iPhone or two.

  • BSW

    The Intern needs to expand the point of view. You have gone to very established places and your comments come off as if you are looking down your nose at the places. There is a reason they are on the must do list. A point you have missed. Just go and enjoy.

  • mark

    @BSW Well put

  • Twinwillow

    What’s an iPhone?

    Seriously, Jimmy’s is the best! I was in there Thursday buying everything I was out of. Including their new
    “6-in-1” (brand) canned tomatos from Escalon in Modesto, California. These are the best canned tomatoes you can buy! Better even than the DOP Italian tomatoes. No citric acid! But, they only have them in the 6lb. cans. Mike was telling me they’re stocking them for the restaurants. Other than ordering them online from Escalon in the 28oz cans, the only other time I’ve seen them in Texas was at H-E-B in Austin.

  • jamal


  • Captain Obvious

    Who the hell eats a Cuban sandwich without the pickles??

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