Spokesman for Heart Attack Grill is Dead at 29

The other day we talked about the Heart Attack Grill. Currently their are plans for the Arizona-based burger joint to open near the West End.The menu promotes huge portions, greasy burgers, and fries cooked in lard. This morning comes news that Blair River, the 575-pound spokesman for the blossoming chain, died yesterday from pneumonia after a bout with the flu. Perhaps they need to workshop their concept.


  • Brandy

    ya think?

  • Paul

    He was 575 pounds!!!!!!!! the food did not kill him, but rather he was 575 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phil

    That number is slightly less impressive when you consider he was 6’8″. But that is still massive.

  • irodguy

    Sorry I am not “weight challenging” at 270 and 6ft, I am a fat a… pure and simple. I mostly watch my food intake and work out. Anybody who embraces being a fat a… is either stupid or crazy.

  • Jim

    Yes, I agree, this is very tragic.
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