• Brian

    Shuck and Jive on Greenville and Lovers. A very generous pound of snow crab boiled in the crawfish spices for under $20. Warning: Will make all future crab at other places seem quite bland.

  • Kat

    My daughter was home from college this weekend and she had the same craving. We took her to Dodies on lower Greenville and for $16.00 she got two HUGE crabs with legs, potatoes and corn. She had to get a doggie bag there was so much. Bonus is they have really cold schooners of beer to go with it.

  • Steven Doyle

    Forgo the legs and run straight for the claws. Truluck’s has stone crab, which is food of the gods. Plus they have a day where you can get your fill for one low price. Crabby and fantastic. They have a great chocolate cake, too.

  • Kristen Butler

    FIRST OFF: DO NOT EVER GO TO DODIES. The place is dirty and the food is horrible. I get a little green in the face just thinking about it. On MONDAY NIGHTS Trulucks has all you can eat stone crab, salads, and sides for about fifty dollars a person. The food is good and it is def worth it. The Boiling Crab up in Garland is where I am sure alot of people are going to tell you to go. Sure, go… if you like 12 year olds waiting on you and soggy, over cooked, old seafood. Dalals is very lacking on the seafood front. Try Flying Fish in preston Center… You can sit outside or in, and you won’t feel like you are in another country (boiling crab) or like the place has not seen a chef or cleaning crew in years. (Dodies). Half Shells is also a great option. Enjoy!

  • SuperD

    Shuck ‘n Jive! Love it for crab legs. I actually go through withdrawl if I go too long…. 🙂

  • KellyK

    I agree on Dodies – ewwww!

    I always head to Fish City at Frankford & the Toll.
    All You Can Eat crab is usually Wednesay nights and it’s $29.95
    And now I have a craving!

  • Daniel

    Fishmonger’s in Plano. SW of Parker Rd on 75. Plus you can overstuff yourself with Shrimp Tortilla Soup appetizer and finish off with Bread Pudding and Whiskey Hard Sauce.

    HOV lane, here we come.

  • Rico

    Aw Shucks Oyster Bar- lower Greenville Avenue. Perfectly spiced, with shrimp, corn and potatoes.

    Flying Fish – Preston Center. Very reasonably priced, and $3.95 schooners of ice cold beer.

    Shuck ‘n Jive is also well worth it.

  • JAx

    Hook Line and Sinker has the best crab legs with yummeh butta…

  • Rebross

    Tom Thumb – they’ll steam ’em and season ’em to your liking.

  • SMUGuy

    I usually go to an TCU Sorority party when I have a hankering for crabs

  • Sheley Brehm

    Dodies food is repulsive. The people at Dodies (management and owners) are horrible people.

  • Divinora

    Here are my instructions for crab:

    1. Proceed to Asian market and buy Dungeness crab ($7-8 per pound)

    2. Boil crab in a big pot of broth made with water, Shiner Bock, ginger and garlic.

    3. Boil for 12-15 minutes depending on siz of crab.

    4. Enjoy with dipping sauce of Ma Ploy Thai chili sauce.

  • Fish City Grill & Half Shells serve Wild Alaska Snow Crab legs and they are deeeelicious!

  • Steven F

    My favorite place for many years for King Crab Legs is Daddy Jacks on Lower Greenville

  • me

    king crab at daddy jack’s.
    that snow crab is too much work not enough crab.

  • sam

    Daddy Jacks.

  • slade

    heard Trulucks was lacking, but if steven says…lol