Somebody Help These Poor People: Bakery Questions

One gal asks:

Do you know of any bakeries in Dallas that sell yummy French macarons, besides Tart Bakery?

A dude who loves food wonders:

Do you know any bakeries that regularly have slider rolls? I’m particularly interested in ciabatta since they are typically prettier and slimmer than a small, hamburger type bun. I see them at catered events and I can’t imagine that the caterers are baking them.

Buns and macarons are the order of the day. Fill it!


  • I looked everywhere after a trip to France a couple of years ago turned me on to this wonderful treat. To no suprise, I actually found some at Central Market once, and then someone turned me on to Tart Bakery. I have never looked elsewhere since. Tart’s are by far my favorite. I actually learned that the owner and pastry chef studied at the French culinary institute in NYC and that macarons are her favorite sweet too. That only validated my belief that they were authentic and delicious… needless to say, I will always support a local business owner/entrepeneur versus a large grocery store chain. I hope that helps.

  • Amy S

    Whole Foods sells bags of ciabatta bites (really more like one and a half to two bites) in their bakery, don’t know if this is to small. Fresh out of the oven, these are great to munch on plain as well.

  • Nanette

    Creme de la cookie has them when we stopped in last week they had four flavors to choose from. They were a little bit of Laduree heaven right here in Texas. Also Pure Chocolate Desserts by Zach, you just need to place an order for these the Dark Chocolate Butter Caramel are wonderful.

    Empire Bakery always has ciabatta…but we just had mini ( slider size )ones at Fearing’s so maybe they might share who they recieve them from.

  • Divinora

    I find Tart Bakery’s macarons lacking in joie de vivre and the colourful flavours that Laduree is famous for. Hotel St. Germain has them, but I believe it’s a 72 hour advance order.

  • downtowner

    I’ve seen macarons at Central Market’s bakery (Greenville/Lovers). I tried one of every flavor. They were good, but a few had obviously been in the case too long. Must have been the less popular flavors.

  • ldascha

    Hotel St. Germain has a variety of macaroons, you can order online from their website. Or, of course, you can make a reservation to stay overnight in one of their suites, and the macaroons come with the room. Highly recommend; dinner, suite, and breakfast, outstanding.

  • Melster

    Creme de la Cookie has them and will make them special order. The chocolate and strawberry are awesome!

  • The next best place to look is Houston at The macarons are great, if I can say so myself and they ship nicely to Dallas overnight! Furthermore, they are all handmade right here in Texas!

  • nikky

    Please call up Rush at Rush Patisserie. Samatha Rush went to Le cordon blu in paris and i think has the best french macarons. her number is (214) 749-4040 and her shop is near bishop arts. she has them on the weekends and weekdays may need advance order but totally worth it. let me know what you think.

  • We’ve got yummy ones at City Café To Go, Lovers at the Tollway!

    Half-dipped in chocolate, the house-made treats are a huge favorite amongst moms and kids alike!

    For more of our popular cookies and pastries, check out our website at