Sadly, Restaurant Veteran Vijay Sadhu’s Solo Voyage Founders in Plano

The interior of Vijay Sadhu's Sutra in Plano's Shops at Legacy.

We want Vijay Sadhu’s Sutra to succeed; really, we do. We were big fans of his work at Samar, at Clay Pit, and, before that, at Bukhara Grille. For this new venture, leaks about his Goan inspiration and his vision for a Portuguese-Indian fusion have had the blogs buzzing for months. That being the case, it pains us to write what must be written about our experience there this week.

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  • sara

    This is not true at all. We went last tuesday for dinner and the food was good. We had Scallops, Chicken Kebab, Cauliflower Katmandu all the three dishes where excellent. We been eating Indian food for almost 15 yrs so I think the writer has no idea what she is talking about. BTW we where there at 8pm and the dinning room was filled with 20 to 25 people. Please before you write any thing first go and learn about Indian food.

  • Sanjay

    Sara you are right. Me and my family went to Sutra on Friday for dinner and the place was packed. We had such a great meal! Vijay dont care for this reviews….

  • Gipson

    I’m happy to say that I had a much more positive experience of Sutra, ironically with many of the same dishes.

    On our visit, the Cauliflower Kathmandu was absolutely delicious. The spicy-sweet sauce has just the right heaviness, giving the cauliflower a satisfying meaty bite. And while I’ll agree that the empadinha app is a bit scattered, both the foie gras nugget and the pastry pocket were fabulous. The fries … those need some work. Limp, bland, just odd.

    We also really enjoyed the braised lamb ratan, though we both agreed it could actually go a little heavier with the spices. My striped bass was perfectly cooked, succulent and flaky, and great with the chef’s killer masala sauce.

    We, too, were alone for awhile, about half the meal, but business had picked up considerably by the time we left. I hope people continue to seek this place out. I’ve been a consistent fan of Chef Sadhu’s food, and with maybe a few menu tweaks and sharper staff, Sutra could really become a favorite neighborhood kind of joint.

  • Kati

    Founders or flounders?

  • Brent D.

    Founder = lame horse.

  • runDMC

    Wow, I love the subtlety of the first 2 posts. Vijay, if ever want to give up cooking, you have a future writing Bollywood soap operas.
    Really loved the “we been eating” and “the place was packed”. Nice to establish your bona fides right up front before you sausage drop us, eh?

    If it was “packed”, Visarajay, then why bother with the silly posts?

  • Robie

    Relax run. You sound like a blog bully.

  • runDMC

    At least I’m not a low life shill. You?

  • Weary of it all

    I think Sanjay is obviously, the shill here.

  • Chef Stephan Pyles

    For what it’s worth, I had a remarkable meal here last week. Vijay is, in my opinion, the best Indian chef in Dallas and his cooking at Sutra soars. I hope Sarah’s poor experience can be attributed to the newness of the restaurant or simply just on off night because this chef deserves an ample following.

  • Frenchy

    A friend told me at lunch today that he and his wife were there the other night and they were the only patrons in the restaurant.

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  • slade

    not surprised, SAMAR was and still is overrated