Oak Cliff Gets New Organic Grocer

Ever since signs went up for the new Sylvan Thirty development at Fort Worth and Sylvan Avenues (across the street from the Belmont Hotel) over a year ago, Oak Cliff’s been buzzing about the “organic grocer” that would fill the mixed-use Lake Flato designed space. Whole Foods? Sprouts? Sunflower? Today, the wait is over, and it’s a grocer with local ties: Duncanville’s Cox Farms Market. Go Oak Cliff drove down to the southern sector grocer to check it out and took photos.


  • Katy T

    I know this grocer! His produce is beautiful, and if it looks bad at the wholesale market, he graciously tells his customers, “I wouldn’t sell it to you because I wouldn’t even buy it.” Mark stands up for what he sells with ethics. May Oak Cliff embrace him as we have & celebrate the brave entrepreneur!!

  • Russell

    I just looked at the Lake Flato site plan and it shows the grocery footprint at 8,000 SF. Can’t get a lot into 8,000 SF. Bigger than a Jimmie’s; Well smaller than Newflower market. Maybe that’s model.

  • Virginia


    I’ve been wishing for this. (We were so disappointed to learn that another Wallmart is planned where the old apartments were at Hampton and Ft Worth.)

    I’ve been shopping at Cox and Whole Foods for years. (Nine miles from home either direction.)
    Cox has an abundance of great produce.