• DGirl

    Very sad this week because I went to Il Cane Rosso for dinner Tuesday night and, sniff sniff, it wasn’t open. Had to do Twisted Root which I used to like, and now I don’t.

  • TLS

    Perry’s Steakhouse – Cherry pepper Calamari was unbelievably good as was the crabmeat topped fried asparagus. I won’t even tell you how wonderful the deconstructed lemon meringue pie was because you’ll be jealous.

  • MCC

    Went to Chiloso for lunch the other day. They opened up a 3rd outpost in that newish mixed use area at Campbell and 75 in Richardson (currently in Rockwall and Wylie as well). It’s of the Qdoba/Freebirds/Chipotle ilk. It was slammed at lunchtime. Had a roast pork bowl; the pork was flavorful, but I should have gotten the whole beans rather than the refrieds. Their Salsa Fresca was excellent. They serve breakfast too.

  • AM

    Mortons on Tuesday-went for an industry lunch…steak was cooked well but zero seasoning. I had to grab the salt and pepper off the table…same with the mashed potatoes. Usually you can taste the butter and cream in steakhouse potatoes, but not here.

    Nobu on Thursday…LOVE LOVE LOVE! Tuna tacos are always a winner, miso cod in butter lettuce and the steak skewers..yum-o!

    Taco Joint this morning! Best breakfast tacos in Dallas! The guys there are always super friendly and the Chuck Norris jokes on their reader board crack me up!

  • Gipson

    @DGirl – “Had to” is defeatist. Just a block or two further down Commerce is Cowboy Chow, which is way better than Twisted Root.

    For me:
    Nothing new this week, but visited a few favorites. Urban Crust, Deli News, Torchy’s Tacos. If you can make it to Urban Crust before the end of March, the pizza of the month is crazy good. Take their best-in-town crust (IMO) and top it with basil pesto, mozzarella, crumbled bacon and crispy fried spinach. I wish this one would make the menu proper.

  • Went to Il Cane Rosso for lunch on Saturday. We always sit at the bar so we can watch the pizza show. We can’t stop ordering the Capricciosa and Motorino. Sooo good!

  • Jennifer Chininis

    I’m obsessed with the Brussels sprouts salad at Suze. I made it for a dinner party last weekend, and I had it again at the restaurant on Wednesday. Spinach, Bosc pear, Brussels sprouts, toasted almonds, simple Meyer lemon vinaigrette.

  • Just had the breakfast pork schnitzel @ Crossroads diner. It was one pork schnitzel (not too big) with a poached egg with holandaise sauce set on top of one of the best grits I’ve had in Texas! Still dreaming about it.

  • spoon18

    Tried Crossroads Diner on Sunday for brunch. Farm fresh eggs and whole wheat pancakes were delicious. I think they are still working out the kinks but no one likes to walk in to a restaurant and be told there is a 45 minute wait when one can see all the empty tables (and empty upstairs). Maybe they were understaffed? Nevertheless, good place, good atmosphere, will be back.

  • laurie

    Enos for pizza. Yum. Dude Sweet Chocolate for dessert. Double yum.
    St. Ann for lunch. Atmosphere: A+ Service, A++, Food: B. Pizza was the highlight.

  • spoon18

    Had Pecan Lodge’s Hot Mess (loaded sweet potato) for lunch. One of my new favorite things.

  • Food girl

    Cane Rosso AGAIN! Can’t get enough of this place.

  • Iris McCallister

    Victor Tangos octopus salad..super yum..and Nosh Bistro..well too many dishes to name..all excellent..

  • Mama Faye’s in Deep Ellum had great pulled pork this week.

  • LJT

    Happy to report Lucia is all that it is hyped to be and more. Outstanding meal!

  • sarah

    Morton’s Steakhouse friday. Food excellent along with service. Get the New York Stip Steak. Souffle, Souffle, Souffle!

    Smoke for brunch their blueberry pancakes double yum!

  • Ran across the Good Luck Food Truck on Greenville @ Prospect this weekend and tried the brisket and pulled pork sliders, with fries on the side. Both hit the spot — looking forward to trying more things on their menu.

    Tried Serious Pizza for dinner Thursday night — my kind of pizza (thin & crisp, and the slices are giant). Will definitely be hitting that place up for a slice at lunch at least once a week.

  • LC

    Cedars Social. A couple friends and I shared their Gnudi, Grilled Oysters w/ pecorino and Crab Cake Sliders. Everything was delicious and the space was adorable. Firepits inside and out. Plus, fun cocktail menu. I’ll be back for sure.

  • ldascha

    2nd Floor at the Galleria; just outstanding, service, food preparation, and preparation. Be prepared too, the entrees are large enough to share. We had the duck breast entree with caesar salad(w/anchoives); and the chef’s suggestion, red fish, with tempura vegetables, and sauce. Both were very nice, this is a nice quiet out of the way spot to try. Sundays, half price wine bottles.

  • Twinwillow

    Hook, Line and Sinker was filled to capacity tonight so we headed to Big Shucks for a “fry up”.
    Opinion? Terrible. Everything was over fried to death.
    Back to Hook, Line and Sinker on a night hopefully less crowded.

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