CuriousDish: Man Found Pie Nirvana in Dallas

Little Aprons' cherry pie


Last Thanksgiving, I was assigned the task of getting the pies. Instead of thinking, I turned to you, loyal Dishers all, to find out where to go.  You recommended Rosebuds, Norma’s Cafe, the Montmorency cherry pie at Central Market, Mama’s Daughter’s Diner, Tootie Pie in Frisco, and Little Apron’s Bakery. Since November,  my family has eaten a lot of pie.

Rosebud’s has a very good chocolate pie. Central Market’s cherry pie is satisfying for the price ($15), but it has a mass-produced taste. I’m sorry to report that Norma’s apple and cherry pies were completely dissatisfying. They both had a tough, crunchy crust on the top and a soggy bottom (insert joke here!) By the end of the holiday seasons I still wondered if I’d ever find a pie I could fall in love with.

Well, I did.  I found pie nirvana in a cherry pie from Chef Tracy Mitchell at Little Aprons Bakery in Dallas.  Biting into pie was a experience.  A perfect crust, both top and bottom, and perfect, fresh cherries inside (insert next joke here!).  I am certain that I have never had a better pie.  Ever.

Getting a pie from Little Aprons is not as easy as other retail store fronts and it’s pricier ($25), but it is well worth it.  Little Aprons shares a kitchen with Chocolate Secrets on Oak Lawn, so some of the desserts are available there, and Chocolate Secrets will take and process Little Aprons orders for you.

I never made it to Mama’s Daughter’s Diner or Tootie Pie in Frisco.  I found my pie heaven with Little Aprons Bakery’s cherry pie. Yours?


  • Park Cities Gal

    Creme de la Cookie makes incredible pies at their Royal Lane location. We ordered several for Thanksgiving and Christmas. WOW – they tasted better than my Mom’s (sorry Mom), and I thought she was the best pie maker ever! Try their Chess Pie…. you will think you died and went to heaven, without a doubt.

  • Jeannie

    Al Bernats has great pie. It’s not a store but you could probably order one

  • Nanette

    I have to agree with Park City Gal. We had the pleasure of Creme de la Cookie’s Chess Pie over the holidays and it was completely divine. I wonder if she makes it year round?

  • heelsoftar

    Celebration on Lovers

  • Shane

    Mine is Just Pie that sells on the weekends up at McKinney’s Chestnut Square Farmers Market. If you like cherry pie then this one is really good.

  • Let’s be honest

    I’m with heelsoftar – banana or coconut creme at Celebration.

  • Tsak

    Hello pie nirvana. Thank goodness you weren’t too impressed with Normas pies. I work for the food distributor where they purchase most of their product from. All of their pies are purchased premade and frozen from the likes of Sara lee and others.

  • If you are looking for pies, tarts or any sweet craving and demand a made from scratch product from only the highest quality ingredients, I have to recommend my favorite place, without question, is Tart Bakery on Lovers and inwood. One of my favorites is pecan pie and I have even asked them to make my grandmother’s specialty pie and they made it to perfection… no I no longer have to mess with it and I just order from them every holiday season.

  • Over at the Garden Cafe we just started making homemade pie crust to get away from buying them. Now we can say that our pies are made from scratch, top to bottom. One of our cooks Shawn recently made an amazing sweet potato pie and, an even better cranberry apple pie. Come try one sometime! Tell you what, if anyone shows me (on a mobile phone or laptop) a write in vote for Garden Cafe in D Mag’s current Reader’s Choice Poll I’ll give them a free slice of any pie they desire. Then you can enjoy it on the best patio in Dallas. By the way, we have free excuses.

  • Daniel

    Best pie in Dallas is the Brown Bag Apple Pie at The Place at Perrys. It’s life changing.