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Chef Stefano Secchi Trades In His Knives For A Camera

By Hayley Hamilton Cogill |

If you haven’t seen the handsome, eldest son of Jane and Francesco Secchi around the kitchen of their Addison or Grapevine restaurants, Ferrari’s Italian Villa, recently it is because he has moved to Los Angeles to follow his dream of becoming a film maker.  The Secchis did raise a bright boy though, as he is doing it right.  Though the New York Culinary Institute of America trained Chef wants to be behind the camera he is taking acting classes during the day to learn actor behavior, and working nights at Mario Batali’s Osteria Mozza to pay the bills.  And it is starting to pay off.

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Secchi’s first screenplay, inspired by his father and uncle and their Sardinian heritage, is called Shilo, An Italian Immigrant’s Debt to America.  The story follows a young boy leaving Italy and immigrating to America seeking the woman who left him behind, and finding a way to pay the dept of her family to the local mafioso.  The screenplay was accepted into the Kickstarter program, helping aspiring film makers, musicians, artists, etc raise funds to help turn their ideas into reality.  Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world with project creators keeping 100% control of their project and investors only funding projects that meet their funding goal by each individual deadline.

Secchi’s goal is $23,000 and he has 44 more days to reach this goal.  Potential backers have an opportunity to receive a great list of incentives, including everything from an Associate Producer credit to a 10 course tasting menu in LA at the conclusion of filming with Secchi to an Executive Producer credit on the film.  Filming should take place this summer in Sardinia and New York as Secchi turns this story, based on true events, into reality.  Click here for more information and to help Secchi with the Kickstarter program.  Cheers Stefano!