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What’s that you say? You want short & sweet weekly updates about Dallas’ craftbrew, microbrew, and homebrew culture?

You got it.

As much as we hate to think about it, these warmer temps mean that yet another punishing summer is lurking just around the corner. So, the way we see it, there’s no time like the present to get started—prime the tap, if you will—and give you all the info you’ll need to add some new brews to your repertoire and beat the heat at the same time. Every Thursday we’ll do our level best to keep you in the know about upcoming rare beer tappings, brewery openings, new arrivals, and can’t-miss events. If it’s on our radar, you’ll find it here.

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See you in the brews!


  • JJFoodie

    Thank you for continuing to recognize that we are in the middle of a Craft Beer Renaissance, unlike other news sources in the Metroplex…having more coverage on beer-centric events and releases is good for everyone!


  • The_sneeb