Super Bowl and Food Events Canceled Today

Holy cow, my inbox if jammed with urgent e-mails about canceled events. I’m not going to sit here all day and list them all, but here are a few related to dining events. If you have an food event you must cancel, send it my way.

Or maybe I will just sit here all day. Anybody else staying home? If you have a topic to discuss, send it to me and we can chew the fat so to speak. I have lots of it to chew.

Events Canceled:

Robert Kacher wine tasting at Sigel’s Greenville Avenue store has been canceled due to the inclement weather. Rescheduled for Thursday, February 10th

GO TEXAN event with Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples is cancelled due to the weather.  Below is the news release on how to GO TEXAN at your Super Bowl party.


Santana Dotson and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples remind shoppers to purchase Texas products for Super Bowl festivities, as Walmart, other grocers highlight Lone Star State products

AUSTIN – As Texas prepares to host the Super Bowl on February 6, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and former Green Bay Packer and Super Bowl XXXI Champion Santana Dotson team up to encourage all football fans to GO TEXAN when shopping for their football viewing parties. From salsas and dips to wine and chips, the super game gets even better with super foods made in the Lone Star State.

“Football and Texas are an unbeatable team,” Commissioner Staples said. “While the Super Bowl serves as a showcase for football’s finest, Texas serves up some of the finest mealtime foods, snacks and beverages to make your party a winner. Look for the GO TEXAN mark when selecting your Super Bowl party needs at your local grocer, and you’ll score big with all your guests.”

Dotson, a former Green Bay Packer and Super Bowl Champion, now helps his father Alphonse, who also played in the NFL, and mother Martha, run their family-owned Certenberg Vineyards located in Voca, Texas. Dotson says Texas wine is becoming a popular addition to football viewing parties due to the fact that many varieties pair so nicely with favorite football game snacks.

“Texas is known for its variety of flavorful foods so we strive to offer quality wines to match,” Dotson said. “Think outside the usual beverage box on Super Bowl Sunday and impress your guests with a selection of Texas-made wines. You may even get more cheers than the game!”

Grocers across Texas will highlight GO TEXAN foods and beverages through in-store demonstrations and displays. Click here to see a listing of those grocers. Also, look for the GO TEXAN logo when shopping for your football party snacks.

Texas Wine and Food Make a Winning Team

Here are a few suggestions for pairing Texas wine with traditional game-day cuisine:

Nachos: Wine and cheese is a classic pairing and nacho cheese is no exception. Try a Chenin Blanc.

Chips and Salsa: A fresh, spicy salsa dip is even more of a winner with a Syrah.

Pretzels: For a new twist, try a Rosé.

Veggies and Dip: A crisp Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect match for crunchy vegetables.

Hot Wings: Riesling and Viognier are hits with tangy barbecue sauce.

Cheeseburger: Having the classic American sandwich with the classic American game? Then uncork another classic – a Cabernet.

Pizza: Sangiovese always delivers.

Texas Shrimp: Blanc du Bois is a perfect pairing with this treasure from the Gulf.

Barbecue: Match it up with a Tempranillo.


  • Amy S

    Becker Chardonnay, Fredericksburg TX, very good and only $8-ish at my corner Tom Thumb.

    BBQ (worth the 2 hour drive from Fort Worth or Dallas when the weather clears), Rock House BBQ in Hico (on Hwy 281 just north of Hwy 67), cute rock exterior house with only 3 tables inside, some of the finest BBQ north of Lockhart. Call ahead and owner Keith will even prepare Ribeye (or so he told us). Don’t miss the bread pudding (flavor changes daily, we had white chocolate pecan).

    Mobile soup truck, Dallas needs one.

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  • Charm Offensive

    That was a great press release; it had quotes and everything! And in a knowledgeable and conversational style, no less.

  • Blanc du bois is also an awesome wine to drink with Hot wings. It seems to calm the heat if you make them super spicy.
    I prefer it dry but most like it off dry.
    Of course its a Hybrid made form vinifera but might not be considered serious wine to some.

    I will have to try Chenin Blanc with Nachos that ought to be interesting!