Splitting the Check in Restaurants: Why is it So Hard

A gal sitting about four feet away from me is pissed off at restaurants. She frequently dines out with a pack of friends. They are continually frustrated by restaurants that refuse to split the bill for them. Case one: Her party of 11 at Trece. “We were told they would not split the check because they don’t have the software,” she says. “And to install the software it would cost $45,000.” Huh? Seriously? “It also happened to me at Charlie Palmer on New Year’s Eve,” she says. “They would do it four and four but not four transactions of two.”

In both cases they asked the waiter ahead of time. Why this ticks off my friend is that she doesn’t drink so when the bill gets divided by the table, she ends up paying more than her fair share.

Anybody else out there have this problem? Sounds like it’s a pain in the sass for both sides. Let’s discuss.