If You Have An Extra $20,000 To Spend Tonight Head to Bailey’s Prime Plus

Bailey’s Prime Plus on Park Lane has acquired a phenomenal bottle of wine.  A 1961 magnum of Chateau Petrus, which they are selling for $20,000 to the first guest willing to buy it.  Included with the bottle is a 5 course dinner for up to 10 guests.  Only 3500 total cases of this impressive Bordeaux were made in 1961, only a few large format bottles.  It received a 100 point rating from Robert Parker.  Bailey’s purchased it from a private collector who promised it was stored in optimal conditions since they purchased it in the late 1980’s from Sotheby’s.


  • Andrew Chalk

    This is what I call a reasonable markup. The retail on that bottle is about $16,500 so they are only marking it up 20% over retail. And they give you, and some 9 friends, some victuals for the trouble of picking it up.

    If only all wine markups were so reasonable.

  • MiF

    Here’s to hoping that the bottle isn’t counterfeit:


  • MiF

    The invoices, which Slate has examined, contain staggering quantities of celebrated wines, an astonishing 87 percent of them in large-format bottles (which are rarer than standard 750 ml bottles and are particularly prized by collectors). One hundred and seven magnums of 1961 Pétrus.


    How many magnums of ’61 Pétrus can be out there?