First Twitter Reviews: Sutra in Plano

The opening reviews for Sutra in Plano coming across our Twitter feed are, to say the least, mixed. Some followers are raving while others are swearing they will never go back. Anybody out there have anything to say? If you want to read the feed, DSideDish.


  • r2raaj

    Food – 2 out of 5
    Service – 0 of out of 5
    Atmosphere – 2 out of 5
    Overall – 1 out of 5

    Food – Menu options were different and interesting, but entrees were small and unimpressive. Did not deliver what was promised on the menu. Entrees were mixed from flavorful to bland. Fortunately, appetizers was very good. No vegetarian options for a Indian/Asian fusion on the menu. Bread was served uncooked.

    Service – wait staff was completely unprepared. Attempted to offered off-menu dishes that they have no idea what they were or could pronounce. We were later told by the chef/owner the dishes were not available. 20% of dishes were served 60 mins after orders was given.

    Atmosphere – very casual atmosphere (no decor, art work or ambiance). For the price point and menu options, expect much higher level of atmosphere.

    Overall – Called ahead and spoke with owner/chef Vijay Sadhu as our group was close to 20 people. We were told that the restaurant could handle the size and would be able to accommodate both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Upon arrival, staff did not have a place to for our group (at this point the venue empty). It took the wait staff 20 mins to approach our table, then failed to bring drink menus (only brought 1 menu when request for 20 people). Signature Chaitini drink could not be served because they lacked the ingredients. Staff was not trained on the menu options and could NOT answer any questions. (“started yesterday” is not an excuse). The chef, Vijay Sadhu, had to be brought out to explain the menu and offer vegetarian options. Unfortunately what he promised as off-menu options, could be easily found at a $5.95 Indian Buffet.

    At the end, with horrible service, so-so food and 1 hour for the wait staff to process the bill, Vijay Sadhu offered no apology or compensation for the experience.

    I had high expectations for the evening, but left with sour taste and Sutra lost 20+ repeat customers.

    Dinner on February 18th.

  • Gipson

    I hope all of the negative experiences are due to unfortunate launch pains, and not indicative of what Sutra is or will become. Since first hearing about it back in, August was it, I’ve been very excited for it to open. I’ll be visiting sometime this week.

    (I know Chef Sadhu is not aiming to open a typical “Indian” restaurant, but no vegetarian at an Indian restaurant?!)

  • Kumar

    Me and family of 4 where at Sutra on Friday the 18th Feb at 7.30pm. I really enjoyed the food and a wonderful experience at Sutra We ordered Paneer and Peas Korma, Chicken Kebab, Aloo tikki and mixed vegetable curry All the dishes where good and tasty. I wish all the best for Sutra ..

  • chase

    I am so sorry to here how people talk about this wonderful Restaurant.. I was at the Bar with my girlfriend, we ordered some cocktails Yes they where out of few ingridents.. I dont think there is any thing wrong with it. The food was good and very different but very tasty and Chef VJ was on the stoves which I think a great deal

  • pete

    I heard this before that Indians always complain about Indian restaurants and they expect discounts, Sorry My best Buddy is an Indian and I always see this when I go to Indian Restaurants.

  • brian

    We visited Sutra over the weekend, we were received with courteous. Chef VJ was with us explaining the food what we ordered chicken & lamb dishes. Chef VJ seems to connect with his clients by taking care of them. He with us and explained about the dishes and was very hospitable. We observed the place is not a typical Indian Restaurant. We would love to visit Sutra again.

  • Andrew Chalk

    Gipson: Just an FYI. Sutra has four vegetarian appetizers and three vegetarian main courses on the current menu.

  • ak78

    We went there on opening weekend, and it was a terrible terrible experience. Food was served over an hour late, and the wait staff had no knowledge of the menu items. The food was over priced for small, only somewhat tasty options. At the end no apology was made for the late food, no compensation was offered, and when compensation was requested it was denied.


  • Todd Elliott (manager)

    Dear AK 78. My name is Todd Elliott and I am the manager of Sutra. I certainly remember your table. I also remember apologizing profusely many times. Our chef/owner Vijay Sadhu came to your table many times as well. Please understand a chain restaurant has opening hiccups. A small one unit restaurant like ourselves is even more difficult. You are correct, that we did not start comping meals, but being so new, we can’t finanically absorb this. However the birthday girl was invited by ched Sadhu to come back on Sunday w/her immediate family for dinner on him. So once again, chef Sadhu and myself are very sorry for any miscommunication or slow service. We are striving each day to make every guests dining experience and wonderful one and we hope you will give us another opportunity.

    With warm regards,
    Todd Elliott

  • ak78

    Dear Todd, Thanks for your response. I never received an apology from anyone. The side of the table we were on was the side that did not receive our food for over an hour, and we definitely did not receive any apologies.

    I do sincerely recommend that when there are errors on the restaraunt’s part, regardless of the situation, that you handle appropriately. Any other times we have gone to a restaraunt that errored, they adequately compensated/apologized to the people who had the bad experience. Also, your waiters/waitresses really should know something about the food.

    Good luck!