D Magazine Cover Story: In-N-Out Burger Invades North Texas:

The March issue of D Magazine is out. On the the cover? In-N-Out Burger. Why? Because the farm fresh fast food chain from SoCal is about to open all over North Texas. We asked Nancy (Fast Food Maven) Luna of the Orange County Register to write the story. She was the only journalist allowed a behind-the-scenes tour of the operation.

Pulling this story together was difficult. To say that the corporate world of In-N-Out Burger savors their privacy is an understatement. They don’t like to encourage publicity and keep details of their plans close to their vest.

Luna did a great job of journaling the long, mysterious story of In-N-Out. Here it is.


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  • runDMC

    Can it really be a 2 oz patty?

  • nickss16

    Still a fast food burger… much ado about nothing.

    Is it better than McD’s and BK? Absolutely. Is it better than any legitimate non-fast-food burger (Wingfield’s, The Porch, Maple & Motor, Smoke, Tillmans, Neighborhood Services, Bolsa, etc etc etc)? Absolutely not.

    That said, additional competition is always welcome, and I’m sure this couldn’t hurt the local economy.

  • atexasmarine

    For those of us originally from SoCal (though we don’t always admit it publicly), this is a welcome addition to the fast food options in Texas. For years I have salivated at the prospect of having an In-N-Out locally. Thank goodness it’s coming to fruition soon. As stated in a previous post, it’s [much] better than McD and BK. Don’t let the hype make you believe that these burgers are better than what you can get elsewhere. They are better than that. I make a point of having In-N-Out every time I find myself in a city that has one, and you will too once you’re introduced to them.

  • Near The Pier

    I loved the January issue. The March issue stinks because…

    1. A cover story of a California-based FAST FOOD joint? Ugh. It ain’t all that, says this L.A. native. Yeah, yeah. Julia Child. Tom Keller. Whatever.

    2. Another Jack Ruby stripper story? Ugh. What is this? Texas Monthly? Was Skip not available to write this one? Oh, you can write about strippers, but not advertise them?

    3. Another “Arts District as the next big real estate play” story? Ugh! That place will be a deserted desert isle, with or without overpriced apartments.

    4. Debunking Schutze’s claim (again) that you are in cahoots with the Citizen’s Council? Ugh! Everyone thinks you are swimming with Carol Reed, one of your “Dallas Dozen,” not the Citizen’s Council. Book it.

    5. More people are reporting rapes in Dallas you say? Ugh! But why did you print the unfortunate sub headline, “Rapes… are up 25 percent. Why that’s a good thing.”

  • John LAPD RETIRED now a Texan

    I been in Texas now 20 months. I am a native Californian who lived in Los Amgeles and now lives east of the Metro Plex-TWO WORDS ON THIS; “THANK GOD!!”

    I am sooooooooooo sick of “Tex-Mex!”!!! aT LAST, “CULTURE COMES TO DALLAS!” in the form of a TRUE So-Cal fav!! I know it will be lost on most people in Dallas- for all the “attitude” they love to toss aroung- they just won’t get “it”!

    I cannot wait- I am willing to drive 90 miles, at 4.00 per gallon-FOR A BURGER!!!

    I have been “less than amused” by what I have seen in Dallas since I moved to Texas from Los Angeles- but hopefully, this is the first of bringing “REAL CULTURE” to Dallas and Austin!!!

    MAYBE WE CAN GET “PANDA EXPRESS” and “BAJA FRESH” to join In-n-Out!!!

    I feel like I just scored the lottery!

  • John LAPD RETIRED now a Texan

    Near The Pier, LOL, this is “so Dallas”- I see people wandering around in Dallas, trying to look like they stepped of Melrose and LOL at them! It’s like the “poor hick nephew” MOVED TO THE CITY, and now thinks “he” is all that!

    Culture, Food, and so on, Dallas and Austin for all they run their “pie holes” are sadly “lacking”. As we recently saw, “The Metro Plex” is not at all ready to handle “the world stage”. While this burger joint won’t fix it- IT IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

    Given what we have seen in Dallas recently, this place CERTAINLY WILL NOT HURT THE COMMUNITY! In fact, it may add a touch of “class” to it-when all of us California Escapee’s flock in to grab one!

    Like I said, I am willing to drive 90 miles at 4.00 per gallon for one of these! What do I know-that maybe you don’t??!

  • John LAPD RETIRED now a Texan

    @ ATexasMarine—- you know what I know about them!!! I lived in LA from the 1984 Olympics, until about 20 months ago-I soooooooooooo miss the “food options”! YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!

    I am flying back to Calif, the end of the month- I know EXACTLY where the stand is Close to LAX- and that will be my second stop after baggage claim!

    In-N-Out is coming in a “big way” I guess! THANK GOD is right! TRUE ” CALIFORNIA CULTURE” COMES TO DAllAS IN THE FORM OF A ‘BURGER”!!!

    We need a “Tommies”, and “El POllO LOCO” too!

    Poor Dallas people are about to be exposed to one more aspect of California Culture-at times I feel like an “exchange student” IN tEXAS-LOL-SOMETHINGS I MISS AND THIS IS ONE OF THEM!

  • Frank

    I am happy to see that other states will have the chance to enjoy what is quite possibly one of the country’s best hamburgers!

    I was born in SoCal and has lived here all my life…I cannot tell you how many times now I’ve consumed In-N-Out but what I will tell you is that an In-N-Out burger is like an artist’s work…No two burgers look or even taste the same when it’s delivered to you. The main reason…Fresh ingeredients!! Each burger has a different taste to it, unlike Big Macs or any other fast food chain that uses freezers.
    In-N-Out is simply amazing! If you don’t like it, I think you should re-evaluate your appreciation for good, quality food.