CuriousDish: Date Averaging and Restaurant Pairing

Long ago, a friend of mine then in his mid-30s detailed his approach to dating. On a first date he would take a woman out for drinks, proceed to a Dallas Stars game, and end the evening with a lovely wine-infused dinner.  He admitted he threw down almost $600. Mark had a lot of first dates.

I was stunned. “How in the world do you afford that,” I asked.  Mark explained his idea which he called date averaging.  The first date would be a grand, expensive evening at one of Dallas’ top restaurants.  For the second and third date, he would scale back to a cool, hip dive.

Are you a date averager? If so, let’s consider Restaurant Pairing. Which two restaurants would you match for such a first and second date?  I’ll offer up the first pairing: The French Room  followed by Louie’s. Now, let’s  hear yours.


  • Chris Chris

    By the 4th date, I am guessing Netflix and a couple of Keystone Lights at my place?

  • me

    Neighborhood Services, then AllGood Cafe (next morning ?)

  • SB

    Stephan Pyles and if that went well then on to Maple and Motor for burger, tots and a Shiner or two

  • Carlie Palmer @ The Joule followed by The Cedar Social

    Local followed by La Grange
    (Deep Ellum)

    Parigi’s followed by The Library @ The Warwick Hotel

  • Jeannie

    Can you have your friend call me?

  • Katy T

    I’m with Jeannie!! Where do I send my number??

  • Bolsa or Lucia…and then if she wants to stop at Fuel City on the way home, you know you have a keeper.

  • Dilly

    That first date would be way too long. Stars games are always 3+ hours. Add driving, parking, dinner, drinks before. Ouch. Most marriages don’t last that long. Get in and out. What if it sucks? You’re stuck.

  • Phat

    Mark had a lot of first dates and several maxed out credit cards.

    I’m not going to invest that kind of time and money on a first date when experience tells me >70% of the women are going to flake out on me.

  • Culinary Instructor

    Nonna for the 1st, Angry Dog for the second. If she can’t appreciate both, not worth the third.

  • Willie

    My now husband took me to Al’s on the first date, Star’s game on the second date and the Byron Nelson (Sun, not Friday) on our third date. We were engaged one year later!

  • sarah

    First Stephan Pyles, Second Bolsa