• Randy Tomkins

    Unreal. I am not sure if it is the boiling bags or just a great meat product, but this is the best BBQ joint in north Dallas. The meat comes out of the boiling bags hot and extremely tender, and the mesquite-smoked flavor is unmatched. You have to give this joint a shot. All it takes is 15 minutes…could not be any easier.

  • Amy

    It is quite awesome. It is the best Texas BBQ I have ever tasted, and I thank the good LORD for it.

    In addition to the beef, don’t miss the smoked salmon. In fact, this will be the first time you’ve ever had smoked salmon. Anything you’ve tried in the past will be rendered meaningless once this touches your tongue.

    Seeking a new comfort food? The smoked chicken macaroni and cheese will lead to tears of unadulterated joy.

  • Steve

    We do this all the time @ home with the foodsaver for pulled pork, ribs, smoked turkey. Great way to a quick bbq meal for the family during the week – with no hassles. I need to go over and try the products.

  • Tim

    I agree, this place is awesome. Just got back from Lockhart Smoke Shop the day before, then tried Woody’s. The Ribs at Woody’s is MUCH better, and the chicken is just as good. Woody’s and Lockhart Smoke Shop are easily the 2 best smoked chicken places in the city, maybe in Texas…. Seriously, they are both that good.

    I didn’t love Woody’s bbq sauce, but it didn’t need it. Their potato salad was pretty good too.

    It is basically festive kitchen (which is just down the road) for barbecue…. and it is soooooo good.

  • Les Hall

    I haven’t tried this BBQ but two years running Stephan Pyles did his take-away Thanksgiving dinner with almost everything vacuum wrapped and it was lovely. I just microwaved everything, except for dressing and rolls, and it was fantastic.

  • DallasFoodie

    My Mom cooked like this when I was growing up. Now the “Best Chefs” do it and charge a lot of money and call is “sous vide”!