The Prize For Baking A Laugh-Worthy Cake: Not-So-Funny Money

Sublime Bakery's Chef Catherine Reuhle competes on Food Network to see who can bake the funniest cake.
On Jan. 23 at 7 pm, Fort Worth Chef Catherine Ruehle of Sublime Bakery, will battle it out for laughs on Food Network Cake Challenge. The goal: to create a cake that will win the baker actual laughs at Comedy Works comedy club. Yes, you heard me, four cake designers have to face both stage fright and a ticking clock to create a cake that actually tells a joke. The $10,000 prize, however, which comes with some unusual bragging rights, is no laughing matter.

“Our cakes had to be not only technically brilliant (and a minimum of three feet tall), but they had to make a live audience laugh!” said Ruehle. “We moved our cakes out of the TV studio’s kitchen to the famed Comedy Works comedy club via SUV and presented the cakes to the audience to see if they would ‘get’ our cakes.”

“This challenge was a roller coaster ride all day long,” said Ruehle. “I was terrified to take our cake on the road, and even more terrified of that live audience. I mean, what if they didn’t think my cake was funny?”

Tune into Food Network on January 23 at 7 pm to find out whose cake conjures the most laughs!