The Green Room in Dallas is Closed

Owners Zenon Oprysk and Taylor Allday photographed by Kevin Hunter.

I was just chatting with Steven “Dallas Dude” Doyle about some stuff and he mentioned that the Green Room is closed and nobody noticed. How sad. A quick Google search shows Yelp! has marked them closed. (Update: sorry, that’s an old listing.) I called the restaurant and the voice mail says the restaurant is closed for Christmas and will reopen on December 27. I’ve contacted several people associated with the restaurant but haven’t heard back. Last month a couple of the Green Room’s former suppliers contacted me to report unpaid bills. Developing.


  • Kevin72

    Wow. Sad but not unexpected turn of events.

    Tellingly though, I made a mental list recently of restaurants I wanted to get to this year in Dallas and I completely forgot Green Room.

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  • SDM
  • kelsodog

    cetainly not surprising. from the pricey and misguided menu to the marginal reviews it never seemed to know what it was going to do.

    speaking of…when is deep ellum going to get some better food? some of the newer places are just awful; green room, boiler room, anvil pub and la grange all have (had) sub standard food. very disappointing.

  • Paul Burrough

    via their FB page: “Contrary to Nancy Nichols’ uninformed rumor mongering, the Green Room is not closed. We will reopen Tuesday, January 18th with a new menu and new wine list for the new year.”

  • VM

    Try Lemongrass, it is my go-to place to pick up to-go on the way home.

  • All Good Cafe serves up some pretty good pancakes, omelettes and chicken nachos!

  • dani

    Some family of mine went to Lemongrass for lunch this past Saturday and said it was fantastic. It’s on my list of places to visit soon!

  • CB

    Try Local on Elm. I second All Good, Lemongrass and add Monica’s.

  • nathan

    that sux, thought they were the best restaurant revamp in dallas?

  • kelsodog

    oh yea…all good, lemongrass (tho pricey) and monicas are all frequent stops for me. i was just talking about some of the new blood in the neighborhood. just dont seemt o know what’s going on in the food dept.

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