Super Bowl: Green Bay Reporter Wants Good Food in North Texas

Hark! Football writers will be descending on North Texas. Apparently some of them like more than steak and strip joints. This request comes from Tom Rozwadowski, a reporter for Green Bay Press-Gazette/Green Bay Hub.

I’m trying to consume as much dining information as possible from your site, but I thought it might be more useful to go straight to the source. I’ll be in Dallas for the entire week covering the Super Bowl and am looking to eat as much amazing food as possible while there. I’m pretty sure I’ll be staying right downtown, but I’ll have a car, so I’m open to traveling out wherever need be. Could I bother you for a few quick “MUST” recommendations (breakfast, lunch or dinner, various price ranges) while down in the Big D? (I’m a “Top Chef” fan and saw that Casey Thompson’s restaurant was given a good review on your site, so I’m marking that one down already.)

Here is your chance to show him the real Dallas. Hut-one, hut-two. Snap.


  • the_sneeb

    Tei An, Smoke, Maple & Motor, Samar, La Me, Allgood Cafe, Sharaku, Taqueira El Guero, Fuego.

  • Tom Hooper

    La Duni for Breakfast, Oak Lawn Avenue.
    Vera Cruz for Mexican Food, Bishop Arts District.
    Cafe San Miguel on Henderson.
    Alligator Cafe, on Live Oak, Shrimp Creole.
    Smokey John’s Barbecue on Mockingbird Lane.
    Salum at Cole and Fitzhugh.

    These are a few that come to mind.

  • the_sneeb

    Oh, and some beers and hominy at Moth. That’s my short list.

  • Tom Hooper

    Avila on Maple Ave.
    Smoke on Ft. Worth Avenue.

  • air

    I was up there for work once and found the ethnic food to be pretty weak there in general, but especially Asian. I’d say go to K-town and do dinner at Namoo, a stop in Garland for Vietnamese food (Nam Hua, Pho Bang, La Me, etc), as well as a stop at Richardson’s chinatown area where you can take your pick from Royal Sichuan, Jeng Chi, etc.

    Think he’d also appreciate a beer-centric place like Meddlesome Moth or Common Table.

  • Zach M

    Man some strange lists up top.

    Burger – Maple and Motor
    Sushi – Tei Tei Robata / Kenichi / Yutaka
    New American – Neighborhood Services / Abacus
    Pizza – Campania / Fireside Pies (i like the one in fort worth better)

    My favorite right now is Nosh off of Oak Lawn.

  • Theabroma

    Dios mío, I cannot resist: Simply Fondue in Dallas, 2108 Greenville Avenue, (214)827-8878. Cheesehead Nirvana.

  • April B

    Steak: Bob’s
    Brunch: Breadwinner’s
    Pizza: Fireside Pies
    New American: Abacus or Stephan Pyles
    Beers: Hit up Gingerman or Old Monk for sure.

  • DGirl

    Fine dining – The Mansion
    Burgers – Stoneleigh P
    Ft. Worth – Ellerbee’s – don’t bother with Brownstone, IMO
    BBQ – Original Sonny Bryan’s (get the onion rings)
    Chicken fried steak – Massey’s in Ft. Worth
    Need a dining partner?

  • GO PACKERS (cuz we can’t have a Steelers SB victory in Dallas…)

    best in and of Dallas-
    Hard Eight
    Dream Cafe
    Mama’s Daughters
    Hunan Express
    Highland Park Pharmacy
    La Duni
    la Madeliene
    The Great Outdoors
    The Porch
    Cafe R+D

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  • Scott

    There are only 4 things he needs to know:
    Steak: Bob’s if he’s not willing to go to Perini Ranch! Oh sorry, this is D Magazine not T M.

    Chicken Fried Steak and all the fixins: Mary’s Cafe in Strawn, oops sorry again. Bubba’s, Mecca, Ozona, All Good Cafe.

    BBQ: Smoke or Lockhart’s will be open on 2 Feb. or Meshack’s in Garland.

    TexMex/Taqueria: Avila, Herrera’s, Fuel City (a definite must), The original El Fenix downtown, Gonzales in the Grove, we could go on and on here.

  • yeah…um

    Metro Diner
    All Good Cafe!(quintessentially Texan IMHO)
    Normas (Orig.)

    La Duni
    Vickery Park
    Smoke! (best in town??)

    Maple + Motor (safe to say this place will be packed all weekend?)
    Twisted Root
    Angry Dog
    Burger House
    Fuel City
    Taqueria El Si Hay
    El Tizoncito!

    Victor Tangos
    Victor Tangos
    Victor Tangos

    Bangkok City (bryan location)

  • dallasboiler

    Breakfast/Brunch: La Duni, Dream Cafe, Gold Rush, Buzz Brews, Cafe Brazil

    Lunch: Jimmy’s Food Store, Twisted Root Deep Ellum, Angry Dog, Mia’s, Smoke

    Dinner: The Grape, Neighborhood Services Tavern, Abacus, Suze, Bolsa, Tei An

  • Chef Girl

    Breakfast Do’s- Crossroads Diner, Cindi’s Deli | Don’t do it- Mama’s Daughters, Norma’s, Cafe Brazil

    Lunch Do’s: Hook, Line and Sinker, Royal Thai, Kuby’s(German, Brats Cabbage), Hattie’s

    Dinner- take the Red line to downtown Plano- Zanata(EXCELLENT) Jorg’s(Austrian) hang out at Last Chance, Filmore and Urban Crust to people watch…Charlie Palmer,Lucia(If you can get in)Dallas Chop House…Don’t do it | Abacus, Fearings, Bob’s | Al Bernats, Stephen Pyles…

  • luniz

    Please stop sending people to Sonny Bryan’s.

    I’d recommend Stephan Pyles, Cafe San Miguel, Pecan Lodge (for lack of better BBQ options with seating), and Tei An. Maybe Mecca for a greasy breakfast.

  • DesignBoy

    BREAKFAST/BRUNCH: Smoke, La Duni, Allgood Cafe
    TEX MEX/MEXICAN: Mia’s, Maximo
    STEAKHOUSE: Bob’s (on Lemmon Avenue), Charlie Palmer
    DINNER: Bolsa, Craft, Local, Smoke, Lucia (if you can get in)
    COCKTAILS: Belmont Bar, Cedars Social (should be open by then), Victor Tango

  • Luniz, you are right. For the best barbecue in Dallas check out this list.

  • ‘Sconie Transplant

    Hey buddy!
    I’m one of the managers at BOLSA.
    I recently moved here from NYC and grew up in Door County, WI.
    If your you’re looking for some of the freshest food and cocktails in Dallas, then Bolsa is where you need to be.
    We’ll have venison and antelope coming in from Broken Arrow Ranch in Ingram, TX.
    Bolsa was written up in D Mag. in this issue, this issue of Maxim, and American Airlines’ Mag. as well.
    I’m trying to convince the owners to have fried cheesecurds for the weekend(we’ll see).
    Ask for Sean when you come and we’ll have a blast melting the Steelers.
    (Thanks to all who commented above as well!)

  • allison

    A lot of the restaurants above are hot spots, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation NOW, if it’s not too late. I almost had to take a 9:15pm reservation for Nosh the Friday before.

  • Scagnetti

    I would not be sending someone who lives in an area with Polish and German ethic roots to Kuby’s for some pedestrian German food.

  • KGUN

    If you’re downtown then Neiman Marcus for lunch, 6th floor, lot’s to eat and look at.

  • Slow down

    Nothing like sitting in Sonny Bryan’s on Inwood looking at the James Beard award on the wall while eating with your fingers. You gotta love it, it’s a classic. Who know’s you might be eating out in the sun in February, imagine that coming from Wisconsin.

  • Rebross

    Olenjack’s or Pirahna Sushi in Arlington before or after the game. Hot Bowl for casual Asian food.

  • KitchenDoor

    I second Olenjack’s in Arlington!

  • N

    Local, Tei Tei Robata, Tei An, Jimmy’s (cuban sandwich with hot sauce), Fuel City for tacos, Wingfield’s for a burger (daytime though), Bijoux, Dakota’s, Shinsei (Thai fried rice), Sevy’s, Five Sixty, Hattie’s

  • CJ

    @’Sconie Transplant If you do get fried cheesecurds on the menu, please let Sidedish know! They are a once a year, Wisconsin State Fair treat, and I would love to introduce them to people here!

  • I agree with all the above but no one mentioned a sports bar. So, I will nominate the best sports bar in Dallas, TX is Ten Sports Grill located at Main and Field St.

  • Dusty

    Nick and Sam’s for steak (how has this not been mentioned yet?) – There is a reason Nick and Sam’s is PACKED on a weekday night during hard economic times.
    Hard Eight for BBQ
    Tei Tei Robata for sushi / sashimi


  • Avid Eater

    Stephan Pyles (and at Fuego if they can get in).
    Tei an
    The Mansion
    Lucia (good luck getting in)
    560 (for flash)
    Charlie Palmer (steak)

  • SCamp

    Got to try Louie’s for pizza. Lee Harvey’s on Monday for tacos. Fuzzy Tacos for breakfast or any meal.

  • Molly

    The Place at Perry’s (Cedar Springs)
    Maple and Motor
    Taco Joint
    The Mansion Bar for a burger

  • TB

    Breakfast: AllGood, Maple & Motor’s b’fast tacos, Dream Cafe.
    Burgers: Maple & Motor.
    Thai: Royal Thai.
    BBQ: Peggy Sue. (And I agree, PLEASE don’t send anyone to Sonny Bryan’s at any location.)
    Italian: Nonna.
    Just Good Food: Bolsa, Nonna, Samar, The Grape.
    Bar: The WIndmill Lounge.
    (Also, last week I tried the Banh Mi @ Oddfellows: delish.)