Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Sushi in North Dallas

Disher wants sushi. Hear her roar:

My cousin is in town staying at the Tollway and Spring Valley and wants to go out for sushi tonight. Is there somewhere good in that area, or in Addison you can recommend?


  • aria

    The Blue Fish (Frankford/Tollway)

  • Blue Fish up the road is your best bet. There’s some cheaper places but not better.

  • air

    Sushi Robata is right up the tollway on Frankford. Love their happy hour (cheap chu hai or $2 for a 20 oz pour of Kirin on draft!). Tell them you’d like to sit at the bar and ask for Mori.

    You could also go to Richardson for Sushi Sake or Masami.

  • air

    Didn’t realize Robata has a site now too..

  • EC

    Kampaii in Addison Circle for creative rolls. Masami is good, but more traditional.

  • irodguy

    Sushi Robati is the closest decent quality authentic restaurant in the area. I would not suggest Blue fish.

  • Valerie

    Just drive the extra 5 minutes and go to Sushi Sake in Richardson. TOTALLY worth the drive.

  • sgal

    I’d “third” Blue Fish and “second” Sushi Robata — both are consistently good. If you’re willing to drive a little farther, I’d also recommend Sushi Sake (near Campbell & 75).

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  • Justin

    Kenichi in Victory Park, it’s only 15 minutes away. Being at Spring Valley means they are going to get in a car regardless, just drive the extra 10 minutes.

  • Sheila

    I just love Rock N Roll Sushi at Preston Center. It’s about the same distance south of the Galleria as others mentioned, and they’ve been feeding us fabulous sushi for years!

  • Kristin

    Mr. Sushi on Belt Line just a bit west of the Tollway… yum!

  • JT4242

    If you don’t mind driving up the Tollway for 10 minutes, RA Sushi in The Shops at Legacy is amazing. Great food and drink happy hour specials also!

  • I’ll second the Sushi Sake recommendation. One of my favorite restaurants in DFW.

    Sushi Sake

  • Uppercase Matt

    Most convenient would be Mr. Sushi (always good) at Belt Line/Inwood and Habashi at Galleria Rd./Tollway — I’ve only been there once, but it was good.

  • Amy S

    KU Sushi, SW corner of Preston/Forest. Quality ingredients, more than just sushi. Great tempura veggie roll.

  • meredith

    Definitely Sushi Sake.

  • Genslay

    Sushi Robati and Mr. Sushi are average at best, in my opinion. Completely forgettable. Check out Masu Sushi just west of the Tollway on Park/Hebron is much, much better than either of those.

  • air

    Please elaborate on what makes Masu Sushi better than Sushi Robata?

  • Samantha

    I’m sure any of these places are fine, but I recently visited Kampaii and did NOT like it. They ruined miso soup and I’ve never had a miso soup I didn’t like.

  • Samantha

    And of course, Blue Fish! Amazing.

  • david

    i’ll 2nd the rec. for masu sushi.

  • luniz


  • Twinwillow

    Ditto luniz. Masami.

  • Bonzai!

    Sushi Sake. Why would you go anywhere else in Dallas? Best quality and best value.

  • Steph R

    Ku Sushi at Preston/Forest is great and Otaru in Addison has some good sushi and drink specials.

  • Kristin

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! We ended up going to Blue Fish for a couple of reasons: 1. It was close to the hotel where my cousin was staying, and 2. they are one of the only places I know of that offer brown rice on their sushi and as I am on a “no white flour/rice” diet I figured that would be perfect. And it was. We had a wonderful meal – the ahi tuna tower was incredibly delicious, the sashimi just perfect and the service was fantastic as well. I highly recommend it!

  • Genslay

    @air Taste, obviously.