Rumor Buster: Is Shawn Horne of Horne & Dekker Looking for a Job?

Shawn Horne and Flynn Dekker

Last week I received a copy of confidential memo sent from a prominent restaurant CEO to a local restaurateur. The thrust of the message? “Please consider Shawn Horne if you need a professional upscale restaurant leader. Shawn has worked with many of the most talented people in the industry and brings a inspiring record or achievement.”

Does this mean the end of Horne & Dekker? Or just the Horne part of Horne & Dekker? I e-mailed Shawn and asked him what was happening. He says:

Yes, I am looking to consult on something, or even create a position with a firm that opens, trains, and manages new restaurants. I am still involved with Horne and Dekker. But the challenge of operating a dinner only with a brunch service restaurant fades. We are very happy with the restaurant and it is doing very well. I am looking for a new challenge. I love opening new concepts and have been very successful in this field.

I didn’t report this last week because I felt it was non news. However, several other people have told me they’ve seen the memo and word on the street is that Horne is ready to move on. So, in a rare move of anti-rumormonger-itis, I present Shawn’s official declaration.