Former Bolsa Mixologist Shakes Things Up in Plano at Zanata

Dub is now doing his thing at Zanata in Plano.

Walter “Dub” Davis has made a few cocktails in Dallas. He has worked at the Loon, Obar, Steel, and Bolsa. For two years he worked alongside Eddie “Lucky” Campbell and Michael Martensen. Recently he took his talents to Zanata in Plano. Since, he has morphed from bartender to mixologist. “I was already looking to maybe do something in that area because of the old school downtown architecture in an area that has nothing but strip malls,” he says. “I am doing market fresh, vintage, and classic cocktails. Also some molecular mixology (foams, liquid nitrogen, etc). And in the next few weeks I will be implementing an ice program with hand-chipped ice for whiskey lovers.” Way to go, Dub. Plano, the new Bishop Arts?