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El Camino del Vino, The Ways of Wine

By Hayley Hamilton Cogill |

There is a film touring the festival circuits now about Sommelier Charlie Arturaola, who the American Sommelier Association says has one of the 10 best palates in America.  However, due to years and years of what may be considered hard living, it seems Charlie has lost his palate. He has lost his ability to taste the characteristics in a wine that make it so special, and thus his ability to distinguish one varietal from another, one country to another…a key requirement in his beloved profession. 

El Camino del Vino takes the viewer on Uruguay born, Miami based  Arturaola’s journey to recapture his love of wine, embrace his passion and get back to the roots of why he became a Sommelier.  Surrounded by events at The Masters of Food and Wine in Argentina, Arturaola begins to face the spiralling situation of his life and starts the process to change it, while surrounded by some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world with a backdrop of the Andes Mountains.  I had the chance to meet Arturaola several years ago at this festival and he is definitely had a bigger than life personality with a true love of wine. 

I love a good wine movie.  In all honesty, I even love a bad wine movie and I am truly anxious to see where this journey takes him, and if Charlie can indeed find his palate on his travels with winemakers Michel Rolland, Susana Balbo, Jean Bousquet and many more.  Keep an eye out for this moving documentary from Argentine film maker Nicolas Carreras this year.  Click here to view the trailer.