Cattleack Barbeque Visits the D Empire

Members of the D Empire chowing down on Cattleack Barbeque served by owner Todd David.

This report just in from D CEO managing editor, Christine Perez:

Alas, I had back-to-back appointments yesterday and missed the lunch that Todd David of Cattleack Barbeque brought in s a special treat for D Empire employees. I edited Peter Simek’s profile of David’s new catering business for the current issue of D CEO and was dying to try Cattleack’s specialty beans. (And yes, I’m sorry to say, I edited in a misspelling of the barbecue meister’s company name; it’s Cattleack—get it?—not Cattlejack.)

I talked with Rhett Taylor, advertising director for D CEO, to get his take on the meal (knowing he would have partaken, as sales guys are always looking for a free lunch). Here’s what Rhett had to say:

“The meat was very tender and flavorful, even without the sauce. The sauce was a little spicy for me, but I’m a wuss. The creamed corn was good, but spicy, too. The coleslaw and peach cobbler were both fantastic. The best part of the meal was the beans. There was as much meat in the dish as beans.”

So there you have it.

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