Yummly, My New Favorite Recipe Site

Last September, we asked you to share your favorite web sites for recipes and you came up with some great ones.   A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on Yummly, a recipe-specific search engine with content  from many of your favorites, including Epicurious, Allrecipes, and other obscure sites.  Yummly provides lots of helpful search filters such as dietary or allergies restrictions.  You can set limits on prep time or cost.  Even though Yummly pulls content from other sources, it’s all presented in a common format.

There are supposedly social features, where Yummly will learn your tastes and suggest recipes to you.  I haven’t used the site long enough to see if those features are useful.  I don’t have business association with Yummly, I just find it to be a very cool and useful site.