Try the Pumpkin Vanilla Martini at The Second Floor

Pumpkin Vanilla Martini

I went to The Second Floor a couple of weeks ago to test out the newest cocktail on the Molecular Mixology list: the Pumpkin Vanilla Martini. I’d like to start this little recap off with my conclusion: I think The Second Floor is a little gem lost among the Oceanaire and The Grill on the Alley giants at the Galleria. I’m no food snob, but I do love to eat, I am a little finicky, and I can tell you I enjoyed everything served. The martini was beyond delicious. The pumpkin concoction was served with a sprinkling of cinnamon for spice, a dollop of frozen Godiva white chocolate liqueur (which is created in front of you at the bar), and a side of candied cranberries. An invitation to try a smattering of dishes was welcome, and everything from the flatbread to the house-made potato gnocchi was tasty. Jump for details.

Grilled flatbread came out first, served with Romesco, English pea hummus, and spinach artichoke dip. I’m a fan of anything with multiple dipping sauces, so I was quite pleased with this basic appetizer. Sweet potato soup was made with white sweet potatoes and pork confit. It was a tad bit too sweet for my taste, but my dinner companion thought it was delicious. The Apple Broccolini Salad was fantastic. (Sweet lettuce and crisp broccoli florets under cinnamon crème fraiche, served with toasted almond slivers and toffee cheddar chunks. Wow.) Homemade potato gnocchi was greasy (with the smoked duck), but delicious. Slices of red and yellow tomatoes were delish. Seafood bouillabaisse was tasty. Pasta served with saffron jus was topped with clams, shrimp, and a big chunk of perfectly seasoned salmon. This was one of my favorites. Cheesecake made from Japanese squash, kabocha, was a holiday treat. The pumpkin-y flavored cheesecake sat on a pecan crust and was served with heavenly Chantilly cream (which, I could have eaten by itself). For anyone that has a craving for a holiday dessert, this is the ticket. If you’re looking for a sweet cocktail, absolutely order the French Tea (which, I assume is a twist on the Long Island Iced Tea). I don’t know anything about bartending (the menu says it’s made with Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka, Chambord, and apricot mint tea), but it’s one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. Head to The Second Floor on Fridays for Mixology drinks, like the Pumpkin Vanilla Martini. Head there every other day for delicious bites. Apparently the homestyle burger with gruyere is the bomb.


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  • dallasdiner

    love this place!

  • Eric Celeste

    Raya: Had lunch there last week. Food was spectacular. They have the largest scotch selection in the state. Good times. Couldn’t believe it wasn’t packed.

  • Marci

    I’ve been going here since the week they opened…have never had a bad meal. Most favorite thing ever….they flash/tempura fry veggies (baby carrots during restaurant week, and green beans now) with a schichimi togarashi spice…SO SO SO good. If you’re there on a weekend night, ask for Chris as your server…he’s got a TON of wine knowledge.