Top Chef All-Stars: Episode Three Recap

D Magazine’s Administrative Coordinator, Loren Means, is nutso about Top Chef. I asked her to give us her take on episode 3 of Top Chef All-Stars.

David Chang! David Chang! David Chang! Ok, I must confess, I didn’t know who David Chang was when he appeared on last night’s episode of Top Chef All-Stars nor was I certain what exactly mis-en-place meant either. And this is why I love this show – because, now I do!

The chefs were split into groups of four and competed in a mis-en-place race where they competed to get their prep stations ready. Spike, was thrilled to be working with Richard and Dallas’ own,  Tre Wilcox, whom he described as “a beast in the kitchen”  but was a understandably disappointed to have the dreaded Stephen on his team.  “He’ll be able to open a bottle of wine for us.” Racing against the other teams and the clock, the chefs were hard at work, showing off their knife skills. Once prep was complete, the red button was pressed and Chef Chang provided his stamp of approval, the chefs were off to create a delectable dish.  In the end, we were presented with two lamb chop entrees and two lamb carpaccio. The blue team (Tre, Spike, Richard and Stephen) was the victor with their crispy lamb chop that judges said showed their technique, skill, and culinary knowledge. Welcome back chefs.  I missed you last week!

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The Elimination Challenge took place at four of New York’s finest restaurants: Ma Peche (David Chang), Townhouse (David Burke), WD-50(Wylie Dufresne – love this guy!) and Marea (Michael White). After watching last night, I am now totally depressed that I have never been to any of them. Who wants to go to New York soon?  Call me.  Ok, sorry, focus.  Each group of cheftestants was sent to one of these restaurants to sample the menu and each chef had to create a new dish to fit the style of that restaurants. (Casey went to Townhouse, Tre to Marea, and Tiffany ended up at Ma Peche.)I loved watching the chefs taste the food and ooh and ah over it.  The whole time I was thinking….I want that. Nom, nom, nom.  Ok, ok.

We are brought to judge’s panel and Anthony Bourdain is back. Yes! This episode just keeps getting better. Our Dallas crew performed well overall.  Tiffany’s dish was good but not overly impressive while the judges were very pleased with Casey’s halibut that was served to look like a scallop. A “scalibut” if you will. Tre’s swordfish put him in the top four with Dale T., Antonia, and Angelo but Dale came out on top. Two chefs were sent home this week. Au revoir, Dale L.  You will be missed.  And while I simply want to say good riddance to Stephen, I can’t.  What a humble exit.  I just was “not up to par with the other chefs.”  Oh Stephen, you finally got something right.


  • Steven

    With David Chang in the mix it will be worth grabbing the episode off of Best known for Momofuku, Chang is definitely up there in the ranks of the bad boy chef persona. Wildly outspoken he has shaken a few toques in his career. The talented chef is also listed as one of
    Time’s 100 Most Influential List for 2010