Rachael Ray Book Signing at Preston-Royal Borders Tonight. Go Now to Secure a Spot.

Tonight at 7 pm, Rachael Ray will make an appearance at the Borders on Preston at Royal to sign/promote her new cookbook, Rachael Ray’s Look and Cook.

The signing starts at 7 pm. But listen up! Hopeful attendees need to get over to the store ASAP (that means now) to purchase the book in advance. The purchase gets you a yellow wristband that acts as your ticket into the book signing.

The store notes that the last time she was on tour, she sold more books in Dallas than any other city, so get yourself down there ASAP if you want the princess of perk herself to personalize your copy.


  • CollinBabs

    OMG – I was meeting a friend at Neighborhood Services at 6 pm and the area was mobbed with 30-something women clutching their yellow Rachael Ray books, just hanging out at the bar until 7 pm. Parking was nuts! One Cadillac Escalade parked illegally in the handicapped loading zone.

    One note: my first time to NHS. Is it normal for people to be constantly asking you if you’re going to leave soon when you’re sitting at the bar having drinks and a nosh? We weren’t lounging or sitting for hours taking up valuable space. I found that part of the atmosphere to be very irritating. Bartender Aron was great, though!