Nick Badovinus Signs Lease for a New Concept: Off-Site Kitchen

Nick Badovinus has a new concept in the works. “It’s light industrial food,” he says. “It’s the kind of food you want to eat before you go solder something.”

Off-Site Kitchen is the name. The small 1,100-foot spot will open in the former Danny’s Chicken spot at Wycliff and Industrial Irving Blvd. All the butchering and seafood production for Badovinus’ other three restaurants will take place at Off-Site. The “cuisine” is line cook food. “I want to honor the kind of food that cooks eat,” says Badovinus. “Ninety-five percent of the calories ingested by cooks takes place while they are standing on their feet. Some of the best food I’ve had comes from the stuff cooks throw together before or after a shift. This spot will be a celebration of that cool culture.”

Off-Site Kitchen will offer items such as short rib sandwiches and carnitas tacos—all breakfast and lunch food you can eat with your hands. Also, popular Neighborhood Services dishes such as veal schnitzel, steaks, and meat loaf will be available for take out along with a small selection of beer and wine.


  • Marshall

    Nothing says “soldering” like wine and veal schnitzel.

  • Gipson

    In Chef Nick I trust. I’ve never had a bad meal at any restaurant to enter Chef Nick’s atmosphere. Whether its his own Neighborhood Services(es) or his former Consilient haunts. The Porch and Fireside Pies are great to this day, though I’ve never been to Hibiscus.

  • Gipson

    Although, I guess I should say, this concept isn’t coming together in my mind just yet. I’m not sure I “get” whatever there is to get. Still, I’m such a fanboy for his food, I’ll be there week one. (And I respect that even with a new “brand”, he’s keeping his stride with terrible names).

  • Scagnetti

    Could he have picked a more inconvenient location?

  • Jason

    This guy is the BEST — I didnt think he could top the original NS with his 3rd restaurant, but DMN gave it four stars! I would bet the family farm on his inventiveness and so should you! Eat up!

  • yeah…um

    Gosh, Dallas just has NO inventive chefs…

  • Lee

    Scagnetti: great location for me. I can pick stuff up on the way home.

    yeah..uhm: lol. I mean the food scene here is so terrible. It’s amazing we aren’t just falling over from hunger as we try to pretend we are in NYC. There is nothing good to eat here!

  • chef chew

    Tp yeah…uhm. Can you cook and also as being a chef when you try to be inventive people either do not get it or there just to dam scared to try something new and different.

  • Twinwillow

    Great idea and not terribly far from me to pick up dinner.

  • GoParishPanthers2015

    The location is at the corner of Wycliff and Irving Blvd-not Industrial (which doesn’t exist anymore). Great to hear-this area needs more food and with the new apartments on this side of Stemmons there are more full time people down here now.

  • Thanks, GOParish, I had Industrial disease.

  • LJT

    Just the place to go before a workout at The Verandah!

  • Brandy

    oh goody goody for us Design District peeps! Did he mention an ET of O? I’m assuming he’ll be open for lunch? Bring It!