New Deli: Gio’s Café & New York Deli Opens at Preston Valley in North Dallas

You can go to Gio’s Café & New York Deli and judge if it is in fact an “authentic New York deli.” Gio’s is located in the former Ed’s-turned-Roaster’s space at Preston and LBJ. They will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Jump for the full story.

From the copy and paste press release department:

DALLAS –Gio’s Café & New York .Deli, an authentic New York-style delicatessen and restaurant, is now open at Preston Valley Shopping Center, located at the southwest corner of Preston Road and LBJ Freeway. Gio’s deli offers meats, including by the pound, smoked fish, a selection of cheeses, sour pickles, pastries, knishes and breads.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with specialties such as stuffed cabbage, goulash, Romanian steak, corned beef and cabbage, smoked fish platters and gourmet Angus burgers.

Gio’s is owned and operated by Spiro Giannopoulos and Lisa Giannopoulos. Lisa is the Customer Service Manager, managing aspects of the café and deli and catering business on a daily basis.

Spiro is in charge of the operation of the business in terms of food, quality and cooking.  Spiro started in the restaurant business in 1978 as co-owner of Cuzin’s Restaurant, located in Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Dallas in 1989 and has since been involved with such well-known concepts as Deli-News, Royal Café, Café Meditterane and Paesanos.


  • Dubious Brother

    Dallas needs this – I hope it is the real thing.

  • LJT

    I shall wait for Twinwillow’s assessment.

  • Twinwillow

    Hah, hah. Thank you, LJT. I’m quite flattered!
    I’ll give them a try as soon as possible and report back after I assess my findings.

  • IrishLass

    Went there yesterday for lunch, it was wonderful!! Will definately go back!

  • Dallasdiner

    Please let this be a good deli…trying soon. I miss my bagels and need some bialys!!

  • MelCooley

    Highly recommended. Had the Reuben for lunch…delicious. Only needed half of it! Took the rest home and had it for lunch the next day. Great value.

  • Buddy Sorrell

    So – like a real New York Deli – will they be open for lunch on Christmas Day?

  • Scagnetti

    I looked at their menu and it looks good without doing the over-the-top thing.

  • Snatex

    I tried breakfast this morning and was very impressed. The corned beef hash was as good as any I’ve had in town. Eggs were cooked perfectly. Lox spread had nice chunks of nova in it. The bagels are made fresh in house. They are boiled and then baked like they do it in NY. The bagel had great flavor and was very fresh but lacked the weight of a NY bagel. I’m guessing it is the difference in the water of NY and Dallas. Either way it was a good bagel. I even preferred it to the imported from NY par baked bagels that Deli News offers. The coffee was NY standby Chock Full o’Nuts and it was outstanding.

    I also scoped out the other items too. The corned beef and pastrami is brought in from the famous Carnegie Deli in NY. Hebrew National hot dogs are used. They serve 3 types of knishes. The salads (whitefish, tuna, cole slaw, chopped liver, etc.) all looked fantastic. It all looked very promising. I can’t wait to try more.

  • irodguy

    One word well maybe two kippered salmon salad. Basically like whitefish salad, but much much better. Their corned beef was also quite good.

  • michelle griffen

    omg! where do I start? i know that they are new but…. the place was freezing and the food was cold. i dont normally complain but….this time… i think i will. lets put it this way…. i wont be back. our waiter “doug” reeked of beer or liquour..looked like he tied one on. he was rude and unattentive. he seemed really bothered to wait on us, and he did not seem….clean….he was wearing false teeth and they seemed to be moving around in his mouth. i was thoroughly disgusted. he kept touching his nose…then was adjusting things on the table. he seemed bothered by my children being there, even though they were coloring quitely in a coloring book. our food took an hour to get there and no one was in the restaurant. again, doug to the rescue… he seemed to toss the plates on the table like it was our fault that the kitchen was hectic. i said i was ok with the wait and he rolled his eyes. our order was missing 6 things we asked for and the corrections were brought out as we were finishing our meal. (it was an appitizer) i asked to speak to the manager, again doug to the rescue…. said he was on lunch. rolled his eyes and walked away. we paid our bill and left…. we were told this was a great place. I am from new york, never been to a deli like this one. i left dissatisfied and children crying…. a horrible experiance. i tipped doug and he looked at it as if 15% was not enough for his excellent service. Is it possible to hire a waiter that actually cares about the customer? i will make sure i tell everyone i know. we are jewish, NEVER will return again! the roasters was way better and the service with them was exceptional

    michelle griffen