Matt Spillers of Eno’s Set to Open Oddfellows in Oak Cliff Later This Week

Matt Spillers, owner of Eno’s Pizza, knows how to keep things lively in Oak Cliff. Turns out he’s getting ready to open Oddfellows at 316 W. 7th St., just a block away from Eno’s front door.

Oddfellows, which will serve breakfast and lunch, weekend brunch, and will be BYOB, promises dinner service sometime this winter.

“The food will all be classic, fresh, and local. And we’ll have an excellent coffee program,” says our friend Stacy at Eno’s, who tells us that Oddfellows has decided to serve Cuvee coffee out of Austin. Last week Oddfellows received delivery of a La Marzocco Strada Espresso Machine, one of only four in the US.

Expect to spent somewhere in the $8 to $12 dollar range for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant’s Facebook page is suggesting an opening date as early as this Thursday.

Seeing how I was already in love with Eno’s craft beer selection, thin square-cut pies, and Perfect Picnic plate of cheeses, olives, pecans, and salami, you know I’ll be ponying up for a seat when Oddfellows opens later this week.


  • JonnyDallas

    The Marzococco is a crazy cool coffee geek’s dream machine. Seriously. I remember reading about it this summer.

    And with a choice quote, “…a barista might start the extraction at low pressure, ramp up to high pressure, and back down. Or anything in between that. It’s basically an infinite variable now, under the barista’s total control. The irony being that most of the shots I saw pulled at the event La Marzocco held to show off the two Strada prototypes were not very good, since there’s a brand new learning curve, even for experienced baristas.”

  • Cindy Baker

    Matt’s attention to the full experience for diners at Eno’s is brilliant. I can only expect the same for Oddfellows. Can’t wait for that first cup of Cuvee coffee!

  • gavlist

    Matt (or someone) made an excellent choice in hiring Micah, the barista formerly from Pearl Cup. I had a shot this morning and found it to be too acidic for my taste, although this is consistent with the shots of Cuvee that I’ve had at Pearl Cup. However, the texture and some of the flavors that came thorough the acidity were dead on. I’m eager to see how the shot refines as he explores some of the Strada’s parameter space. For now, I’d stick with a cappucino – milk provides just the right sweetness to balance that acidity.