Holiday Gifts to Sip and Enjoy: Part 1

There are so many new flavors, reads, mixers, wines, spirits and liqueurs that have popped up this year that are perfect for gifting to your sweetheart, friends, siblings or in-laws that you want to make a good impression with.  There are too many to include in just one post, so here is are a few spirits perfect for gifting.  Some ideas were sent for editorial consideration, some I just love.

Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka – I have written about this special vodka a few times since the Austin based product came out earlier this year.  I still think it is one of the best flavored vodka’s on the market, and spices up a good ‘ole glass of iced tea, something any Southern girl will like.

Frozen Ghost Vodka – The Ghost of Christmas past, present or future won’t haunt you when you are drinking Frozen Ghost Vodka.  Inspired by Canadian farmer “Tobias” who haunted his murderer neighbor whopushed him into his profitable spring.  The spring froze, Tobias died and subsequently haunted his murderer into confession.  Good story, but mainly, great vodka.  Clean vodka, distilled 5 times with equal parts Canadian rye and wheat grain.  Mix it with Red Bull and enjoy a Poltergeist. 

There are many kinds of tequilas on the market, but I tend to turn to Partida Anejo for sipping, though their Blanco is great in a margarita also.  The Anejo is aged 18 months in former Jack Daniels barrels giving it a caramel, copper color, with citrus zest, dried fruit and nutty aromas and silky smooth mouthfeel and flavors of honey and butterscotch. 

For your Entourage fans, you have to get them the Avion Silver Tequila.  Small batch distillation, and slow filtration gives this tequila clean, mineral rich flavors pairing perfectly with your favorite mixer, or over ice with heaps of fresh squeezed lime.     

The Macallan 18 – enough said.