Food Apps: Do You Use Them?

Have you downloaded D Magazine’s  FREE D Recommends iPhone app? If not, here’s how. We’d love to hear ANY feedback.

This morning I came across this list of popular “food apps for foodies.” I like the idea of Locavore but I haven’t actually downloaded it to see how well it works. Do you use food-related apps? If so, share with us the good, bad, and the ugly. The first person who makes me laugh will receive a Godiva chocolate-scented candle. For real. Bring it.


  • Giza

    I have little use for the apps unless they come with a side of ranch dressing. I smiled when I noticed your art department decided to use the time of 4:20 on their phone. Suppose they were on their way to dollar taco night at Lee Harvey’s.

  • Borborygmus

    How interesting, restaurants making appetizers out of phones now. I call four stars.

  • Monica

    When trying to find places to eat out, I use the Yelp app regularly. When deciding what to cook at home, I use Epicurious.
    I’d love to learn about better ones though…

  • Bethany

    I use Yelp when we’re out of town. Until you know, Yelp sends me to a brick wall where a restaurant parking lot used to be. Then I curse at Yelp, and shake my tiny fist at it.

    Sometimes I even leave reviews on Yelp. Once, it was a pretty simple one: “Don’t. Just…don’t.”

  • Bethany

    I’m also thinking of developing an app called “I Nearly Died of Food Poisoning Here.” I need to workshop the name though. And learn how to make apps.

  • air

    20 minute meals is on my iPod Touch.

    For my Android phone, I like Urbanspoon’s roulette feature when out of town and then cross-reference. I also have Yelp installed but I only use that for the AR (augmented reality) feature that helps for finding a place with little/no signage. There’s also a neat BJCP app that provides on the go access to detailed beer style guidelines.

  • downtowner

    I use Yelp and generally regret it when I don’t check Yelp before trying a new place.

  • Martin

    I use mostly Yelp.
    I would use your app if it was available for Android *hint hint*!

  • Monica

    And for the record, over the weekend I tried to use the D Magazine app but after 10 minutes of waiting for it to connect, I switched over and used Yelp…

  • downtowner

    Jack Perkins once roundhouse kicked an app in the face. He then went on a date with its mother and never called her again.

  • Gastronome

    I’ve been using LB’s highly touted “Loose It” to shed some Lbs – Maybe DMN’s management should try it.

  • I don’t always use food apps but when I do, I prefer urbanspoon. okay, who am I kidding? I love urbanspoon. hate yelp. like your app’s mapping feature. keep it up

  • JoshuaS4real

    Food lovers companion. Pricey, but well worth it!

  • Monica, your experience has been reported. Please try again. Email me if you still have problems.

  • slade

    i download it and use it all the time. one suggestion, how bout a ‘where tsar has left’ app? LOL

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  • Brandy

    Brandy ‘liked’ Kens comment.