DUO Opens in Grand Style

You have to know when two of Dallas’ smart, successful and impecably stylish women come together to create an “all things culinary” concept that it is going to be good, especially when the names Fearing and Rathbun are behind it.

Tracy Rathbun and Lynea Fearing

Last night Tracy Rathbun and Lynea Fearing welcomed a chic gathering of Dallasites to their new culinary space and entertainment venue, DUO, just a few doors down from their Asian Fusion hot spot, Shinsei.

Over cocktails featuring Coole Swan Dairy Cream Liqueur and abundant appetizers including California rolls, vegetable rolls, fish tacos with avocado and soft egg custard served in the shell with truffle and maple syrup, guests mingled around the well-designed room filled with everything from furniture, to plate and glassware, to knives and kitchen gadgets, and food products by none other than husbands Chef Kent Rathbun and Chef Dean Fearing.  (I heard a rumor recently that you can’t get Chef Dean’s bottled tortilla soup at Central Market anymore, you have to get it at DUO now.)

Jump for joy and pictures.

Chef Kent Rathbun shows Gary Cogill his favorite knife, for sale at DUO

The space is warm, elegant and fantastic.  Unlike anything we have in Dallas.  It reminded me of a cozy Eataly, Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich’s foodie extravaganza in New York, just not as big.

The venue is also ready to host cocktail parties and gatherings, as DUO includes a professional grade kitchen and their helpful staff is able to handle the food, wine, flowers and setup.

And, Chef Kent told me to expect chef taught culinary classes after the first of the year…hoping for a knife skills class personally.

Click here for even more great photos from the event.


  • Sussex

    I thought Cogill was died.

  • Tracy Rathbun

    Gary is alive and well and a the “life” of the party!

  • I’m happy to be alive and making films.

  • Steven Doyle

    That was just mean. I have personally seen Gary hosting most, if not all, charity functions in DFW (besides his real work). He has the most amazing and talented girlfriend that I am sure would attest he is alive and very well.

    I had a chance recently to swing through Duo and enjoyed the new venue and all the really nifty items for the food enthusiasts on my Christmas list. I look forward to the classes that will start up next month. I will join you in a knife skills class, Hayley.

  • tinkerbell

    Gary is in fact, alive and well. I had the pleasure Monday night of participating in an incredible dinner where Gary was a fun and interesting guest. His knowledge of film, his stories and fun spirit made the evening delightful! 🙂

  • Randy Pruett

    Central Market still carries Chef Dean’s bottled tortilla soup. It is the BEST I’ve ever had and we always serve it on Christmas Eve. The rumor is untrue.

  • Angela Martin

    Fearing’s tortilla soup is fiercely delicious – and still very much available at Central Market. Might want to check out “rumors” before publishing them next time 🙂

  • Hayley Hamilton

    Yes, Gary is very much alive…www.lascauxfilms.com. Glad we can still get Chef Dean’s soup at Central Market, as well as DUO. Rumors are just that sometimes.

  • me

    Mean Girl

  • me

    I remember when Gary reviewed Swank on her “2nd?” acadamey nominated film, and stated that would be her last…., really scathing

    Mean Girls run in packs

  • Drew Holden

    We love Dean Fearing’s tortilla soup. I just bought some at Central Market last week (bad rumor Hayley), but sometimes get it from Canyon Foods. We start Christmas Day Dinner with it!

  • Alexia George

    I was just at Central Market the other day and they still had Chef Dean’s tortilla soup. I think you can also get it straight from Canyon Foods since they are a Dallas-area company. This rummor is definitely not true! 🙂