Ding Dong Dimples Cupcakes is Dead

photo by Chris Korbey.

Whilst I was immersed in The King’s Speech at the Angelika Theater, Teresa Gubbins was busily reporting the demise of Dimples Cupcakes.

According to La Gubb’s source for the news, owner Chad Sorrells, the devastation of the Dimples dynasty was due to unsupportive landlords and this article in D Magazine (note to TG: D Magazine is all ital w/ UC m).  Read  both stories and decide what is fair. Lawsuit? Interesting Mr. Sorrells. You never returned our phone calls.214-939-3636. All lines are open.


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  • Arlo Thomas

    Lawsuit indeed. Every honest chef and baker’s worst nightmare. Bad name for cupcakes for sure.

  • cs

    Obviously all lines are not open.

  • OEsaphagus

    Did you know lawsuit is one word? It is!!!


    ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


  • David

    I blame their twitter account…


  • wja4507

    Libelous? Really? Yeah, I’m certain that the dozen or so folks interviewed in the piece all conspired to fabricate such similar stories. And lie. To hurt the business’s income. Which owes them money. ?. So why is the suit “imminent”? Just file it already; it’s not that hard.

    But really, nice story, D – it takes the cake. Or apparently it was the icing on the cake. Or Dimples’ owners are getting burned over this. Or their business “plan” seems to have been half-baked. Or . . . yeah, I’ll stop.

  • David

    @wja4507 – They ran out of dough

  • csabosa

    These two jokers have no money – they cannot afford a lawyer and they wouldn’t even do so for fear of exposing themselves even more. There are too many people out there looking for them. Great job D Magazine!

  • Meagan

    WOW… Have you seen this link from their website:


    I guess they’re blaming blogs for their downfall? I first learned about their mess from this blog and was pretty appalled at the way they treated her:


  • Chad

    I must ask…
    Did anyone bother to check the Frisco Health Dept. to see if there was an oven when the store opened?
    Did anyone ask Casi Fricks the “supposed” realtor where her representation agreement was? (landlords or developers pay realtor commissions) NOT Tenants!!!!!!
    Did anyone check if there was a lien filed on the space because all this money owed to Scott Fricks the supposed “contractor”

    Did anyone bother to check if Dimples Cupcakes had a permit to be it’s own Contractor?

    Did anyone bother to call INS and ask if any staff member was Deported? Did the Dept of Labor ever come to investigate?

    The picture of the handcuffs….
    Were they actual the Handcuffs used when Wick Allison’s wife the OWNER of D Magazine was ARRESTED and taken to JAIL…

    Maybe you should refresh your memory of some of your 2005 articles….
    Ethics? Verification? How many people verified the story written by Ms. Kripke? NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    $18.00 for 12 months of D Magazine Trash or
    $24.00 for 6 Cupcakes….. Hum…..

  • sally

    Can’t say I’m sorry to see this one go, especially after reading how gross these cons are. First, Dimples makes me think of cellulite that I’m going to get from eating their cupcakes. And second, the little girl on their van made me think of Jon Benet Ramsey. I just hated the branding (or rather non-branding). And the INS comment above made me laugh out loud. What a joke!

  • Don’t give my cheeks a bad name

    Hmmm… is right, Chad. Deflection is the number 1 defensive tactic. Why are you defensive? Are these your friends or are you one of them?

  • Twinwillow

    Their location for a cupcake shop was totally, ridiculous!
    It’s not just, location, location, location! It’s also, street traffic, street traffic, street traffic!

  • csabosa

    @Don’t give my cheeks a bad name: Chad is the owner (with his partner Bryan).

  • RippedOffMomToBe

    I was bamboozled by these crooks! It’s one thing to be “forced” to go out of business (or whatever the real situation is), but it’s another to know enough in advance to update your website with the “important announcement” and to not even call and let me know they were unable to fill my order, return my ultrasound that had the results of whether my baby was a boy or a girl, and to not refund my money is CRIMINAL. They ruined my special day and the way I had planned to reveal the sex of my baby with my family, which I, btw, did not know either. And, they STILL have my ultrasound with my name and number on it so it could easily be returned. I should have known better because I read the D Magazine article, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and figured their contractor disputes had nothing to do with my cupcakes. Lesson learned. I’m glad they’re out of business and I hope they get what’s coming to them!!

  • UC

    The only legitimate lawsuits are going to come from the landlords I have a feeling. When you sign a commercial lease, you are signing a binding contract, negative magazine articles be damned.

  • Maptxstar

    Crooks or not…bad branding or not…Betty Crocker mix or not…Dimples was still the best dang tasting cupcakes around! :/

  • MC

    I have to agree with maptxstar, Dimples had the best cupcakes!