Burger and Beef News: Elevation Burger to Open in Dallas, Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef Available for Home Delivery

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Elevation Burger Makes its Dallas Debut: We told you it would happen. Now I guess it’s a reality. Elevation Burger, known for its organic, grass-fed burgers will open the first of three DFW locations in mid-December at the Hillcrest Crossing shopping center located at 8611 Hillcrest Road. Jump for the full story.

Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef: This noted provider of lean, tasty beef from local, grass-fed longhorns, has partnered with Texas Daily Harvest and has expand from select grocery stores to online availability. Check it out. Full deets below.

Organic Burger Concept to Open First of Three DFW Locations in December

(Dallas, TX) –Elevation Burger, known for its organic, grass-fed burgers and recognized as one of the most innovative burger chains in the country, will open the first of three DFW Metroplex locations in mid-December at the Hillcrest Crossing shopping center located at 8611 Hillcrest Road.

Coppell residents David and Fiona Barleggs are the entrepreneurs behind the new business. David spent the past 20 years as an executive level director for the service industry, most recently in the staffing and recruiting industry. When he lost his job due to company restructuring, he and his wife decided to look for a business investment instead of possibly spending years waiting for another great job opportunity.

“I know the job market is tough right now, especially at the senior management level. Neither my wife nor I have any experience in the restaurant world, but we love to eat out. The better burger segment is really hot right now; Fiona and I wanted something more in line with our healthy lifestyle,” said David Barleggs. “We try to buy organic whenever possible, we grow some of our own vegetables, and we have a chicken coop. With no restaurant experience, we needed the support of a great franchise system and Elevation Burger is the only franchised burger chain serving organic beef. It was the perfect fit for us.”

The Barleggs have an area development agreement to open three Elevation Burgers. They expect the next restaurant to open within 18 months and their third 12 months after the second. They are currently scouting real estate in the Plano and Southlake areas.

Originally from the United Kingdom, the Barleggs have lived in the United States since 1994. They have called Texas home over the past 10 years and both are American citizens.

The new Dallas location is the second Elevation Burger to open in Texas; the first opened in Austin summer 2009. And a second Austin location is expected to open in the first quarter of 2011.

AOL Small Business called Elevation Burger the “Next Big Chain,” and the Food Channel dubbed it one of the “up and comers” in the emerging “better burger” category. Elevation Burger serves only 100 percent USDA-certified organic, 100 percent grass-fed, 100 percent free-range beef burgers freshly ground on-premises and fresh-cut fries cooked in heart-healthy 100 percent olive oil. To complete the meal and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth they offer fresh baked cookies and critically acclaimed hand-scooped milk shakes.

Elevation Burger’s warm and welcoming restaurants are also environmentally friendly, utilizing renewable, non-polluting materials and surfaces including bamboo flooring, compressed sorghum tabletops and low – or no- VOC paints and sealants.

The idea for Elevation Burger was conceived by Hans Hess in 2002. The first Elevation Burger opened in northern Virginia in September 2005 and quickly gained national acclaim. Driven by their passion to bring organic, sustainable and fresh food to a national audience, Hans and his wife, April, created Elevation Franchise Ventures, LLC, which began franchising Elevation Burger restaurants in 2008.

The innovative concept is rapidly expanding. A total of 17 franchise groups have opened or committed to opening over 60 units in new and existing markets. Elevation Burger plans to enter the following markets in 2011: Las Vegas, Miami, Connecticut, California and metropolitan Washington, D.C. Projections call for over 25 restaurants operating by the end of 2011 with the goal of 100 nationwide within the next few years.

Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef

Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef, Texas’ leading provider of lean, tasty beef from local, grass-fed longhorns, has partnered with Texas Daily Harvest to expand the availability of its products. While the meat has previously been available only in select grocery stores and restaurants, this is Chisholm Trail’s first venture into online availability.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Texas Daily Harvest,” said Mike Crawford, Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef partner. “We’re always looking for new areas where we can make our healthy options available, and offering our products through the Internet opens quite a few doors to help make that happen.”

Unlike ordinary beef cattle, Chisholm Trail longhorns are raised on family ranches across Texas where longhorns are free to roam and graze in open pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. In keeping with Texas Daily Harvest and its partners’ products, Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef provides a natural, healthier alternative to many over-processed meat options found in the average grocery store.

“We are big proponents of making families healthier through natural and organic products, which is why we are so excited to include Chisholm Trail beef in our offerings,” said Kent Jisha, owner of Texas Daily Harvest. “Chisholm Trail’s leaner options are great alternatives to most store-bought red meat products and meet our higher standards for sustainability and quality.”

Texas Daily Harvest allows customers to sign up for an e-mail newsletter catalog of locally grown and produced products for delivery or pick-up. Delivery locations are based on customer demand, and are expanding each month. Interested customers can sign up to receive the weekly newsletter as well as find additional information regarding delivery on the Texas Daily Harvest website at http://www.texasdailyharvest.com/.

Grass-fed longhorn beef serves as a leaner alternative to chicken, turkey, lamb, pork and venison. With just 140 calories per 3.6-ounce serving, 3.7 grams of fat and 81.5 grams of cholesterol, a lean longhorn steak has less fat, cholesterol and calories than almost any other meat or poultry available. It also serves as a great source for nutrients including protein, iron, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. Nutritionists recommend grass-fed longhorn beef as part of diets to help boost energy levels, stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue, drive down inflammation and lower cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels.

Food lovers can find healthy, great-tasting Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef on the menus of Dallas’ Opa! Grill, Austin’s Chez Zee and The University of Texas’ Executive Chef, Houston’s new Zelko Bistro and Café on the Green and the club restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas. Those who would like to cook it themselves can also buy Chisholm Trail products at Ann’s Health Food Market, Herb Mart and Natural Health Shop. To learn more about the restaurants and stores currently serving Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef, see unique longhorn beef recipes or view nutritional facts, visit the Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef site at www.eathealthybeef.org.

About Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef

Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef is a rancher-owned-and-operated cooperative that raises longhorns locally on family ranches around Texas. Chisholm Trail longhorns graze in pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, placing far less stress on the natural environment than grain-fed cattle raised on factory farms. Chisholm Trail partners are focused on providing delicious red meat for healthy eaters and educating people on the nutritional significance of longhorn beef. For more information, visit www.eathealthybeef.org.


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