Why Some Press Releases Make Me Nuts

I know you get tired of reading information we’ve received from a PR agencies, but press releases are a necessary evil in the news business. I’m not asking for sympathy, but if you think we regurgitate a lot of info, you should see some of the crap we delete. I thought I would share one that just came my way.

News: How a Woman’s Hormones can Make Family Holiday Get-Togethers Better

Women who have upcoming family holiday gatherings to attend can make them more enjoyable (and avoid the usual holiday headaches) when they know how their hormones will be impacting their mood, energy, patience and everything else that affects how smoothly family get-togethers go.

Oh, you can’t stop now.

Women can check out the new Hormonology Guide to Family Get-Togethers to find out what to expect from their upcoming family holiday meal based on where they are in their monthly hormone cycle, plus easy ways to make the family event better. For instance, if you’re in Week 1 of your cycle, seek out family members you adore! In Week 2? Careful of spur-of-the-moment confessionals! Week 3? Your best bet is to sit next to a chatterbox! Week 4? Sidle up to the punch bowl! To find out why, visit myhormonesmademedoit.com/hormonology-guide-to-family-get-togethers.

And what about men? They can find out how their hormones impact their hour-to-hour mood in the Male Hormone Guide (myhormonesmademedoit.com/the-male-hormone-cycle).

You may reprint the Hormonology Guide to Family Get-Togethers with attribution.

About Gabrielle Lichterman

Gabrielle Lichterman, a nationally-known women’s health journalist, is the founder of Hormonology, the Hormone Horoscope, a horoscope based solely on women’s hormones. She’s the author of 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods, and Potential (Adams Media, 2005), which has been translated into four languages and was named one of the top 10 women’s health books of 2005 by About.com. Gabrielle offers a free daily Hormone Horoscope at myhormonesmademedoit.com.

[Ed. note: No changes made to this release]


  • Bethany

    Or, conversely, people can just quit being douche canoes at family gatherings and then there’s no need for internal debate over whether the carving knife is for the turkey or Aunt Liz.

  • JJ

    You mean women who are at a certain point in their cycle might be less patient with annoying family members? This is groundbreaking news!

  • TLS

    I’m in the wrong week of my cycle to be reading this. Where is this Gabrielle? WHERE IS SHE?

  • the male hormone cycle analysis is great. when a guy first wakes up is the best time to ask him to assemble furniture?

    try that out on me…i dare you.

  • TLS

    But you have no issue with the passionate sex part right, jonfromtjs?

  • Marcus

    I find it best to assemble furniture only during periods of passionate love making.

  • if you’ve ever seen my fail at assembling furniture, you’d realize no right minded woman would ever make passionate love to me afterwards.

  • Darren

    Ok. I read it twice. Was there any mention of food in that release? And how did it land on Uncle Nancy’s desk?

  • So far this morning I have gotten press releases for hybrid cars, cosmetics, a pitch to write a story on de-risking my investments, a new database for Canadian citizens, oh I could do about 30-40 a day. Nobody checks the appropriate editor, they just send away and hope for a return call.I almost called to find out what they recommend for women without cycles and I don’t mean bikes, ifyaknowwhatimean.