Three Free Things to do Tonight

Eat Free Pizza. Cane Rosso will be rolling their mobile oven to Mi Piaci in Addison to test some of the recipes Jay Jerrier is proposing for the menu at Brackets. Starting at 5:00PM, there will be free pizza samples until they run out of dough (100 pizzas). Baseball game will be on inside.

Watch Spike on Cooking ChannelKatherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate is going to be on TV tonight making cognac tobacco chocolate. Deets here.

Pray to the baseball gods. GO RANGERS!


  • Scagnetti

    O Lord, may our bats be strong
    May our fielders be swift
    May our pitchers be crafty
    And let’s smite those [censored] Giants!


  • cc

    Sorry but I had one of those pizzas outside the Green Spot a few weeks ago and threw it away. Awful! It was a disappointment.

  • Brook Ormsby

    I went to have the free pizza at Mi Piaci and they were charging for it. Seemed a fiasco to me.

  • Mi Piaci absolutely was not supposed to charge ANYONE for pizza. There was mass confusion from the servers. If anyone was charged please contact Jose Rodriguez directly at [email protected]

    I apologize for any confusion – the intent was that there was to be no charge for pizzas on Monday.