Sharon Hage Talks About York Street

Remember our sweet SideDish reporter Kellyn Curtis? She’s now over at The Feast. A little while ago, Kellyn posted an interview she conducted with Sharon Hage. In case you’ve been drinking kava on a deserted island in Fiji, you already know that Hage closed her popular Dallas restaurant York Street last Friday.

Obviously the closing of York Street was big news in Dallas. When Teresa Gubbins broke the story, it was picked up by every blogger and tweeter in town. DMN critic, Leslie Brenner wrote a page 1A “appreciation” story for the paper. (Hmm, I can’t seem to remember Ms. Brenner writing about a meal she ate at York Street.) However, she writes that she had reservations for 10PM on Saturday night–which was supposed to be the last night–but she was shut out when Hage ran out of ingredients and decided to close the restaurant on early.

I hate it that York Street closed; but I love the way Hage handled it. Running out of ingredients and shutting the door was like letting the restaurant die of natural causes. Classy act, Sharon Hage. Get some rest.


  • Give it a rest Nancy

    Why must you always nip at Leslie’s heels….

    Take a tip from yourself and “stay classy”

  • Go away Little Insetto

    Hey, Give it a rest Nancy, you are transparent as a strato di pasta allungata.

  • Umm, excuse me. Let me clarify. I did think it was odd that Leslie described Hage’s food and hadn’t written about it before. I also found it interesting that she managed to get a story on 1 A, got reservations, and brought it to my attention that the restaurant closed early.

  • JI

    When is the next Ticket Fight Night? We need to get NN vs LB and settle this once and for all!

  • Nancy’s Psychologist

    Stop, Nancy. Please. Your constant stream of negative comments about Leslie are perplexing. It detracts from your work and reputation, and makes you seem petty and insecure. I know you are not.

  • WolosM

    Nancy should throw down the gauntlet and challenge # to a game of Foodie Fight (the food version of Trivial Pursuit). They could be on stage behind curtains to protect their identities. Sell tickets and donate all the money to the North Texas Food Bank. You might as well invite Raskin, Gubbins and Faries to the game, too. Winner gets bragging rights for the next year.

  • Nancy’s Psychologist’s Psychologist

    Amico, you need to step away from the computer and have a nice glass of wine … chianti, montepulciano, sangiovese, take-a your pick.

  • Nancy’s Psychologist

    Interesting guess, but way, way, way wrong. If you are so certain, then call him on the phone and confront him. Don’t use a fake handle, for gosh sakes. Keep your criticism professional, not personal.

  • Nancy’s Other Self
    Hey guys, seriously. The point I TRIED TO MAKE was Leslie Brenner never reviewed York Street. Bill Addison wrote the last review. Yet she has authored two stories about the restaurant and describes the food. IJS. I thought it was great she had a reservation at 10 on the LAST NIGHT. Would have been a great read….Lordy

  • jane

    Hey ya’ll, I have griped at Nancy a bit myself, but I’m coming out swinging wet linguine noodles in Nancy’s corner on this one. Like I tell people on my Facebook, if you don’t like what I have to say, 1)Don’t read my blog 2)Delete me from your list.
    That mouse will take you out of this page just as quickly as you it got you in.

    Carry on.

  • skeptic

    The point is Nancy has a point! I find it perplexing that Sharon was never reviewed in all the time Leslie has been here yet she became the York Street eulogist. I also agree that Sharon closed her restaurant exactly as she should have – when the food ran out. You whiners and Leslie protectors need to get over it.

  • Leslie Brenner’s Stomach

    I am SO SAD that I missed my chance to eat at York St., which some consider to be the best restaurant in Dallas!!! OMG^^^^^

  • Leslie Brenner’s Bowel

    Me too!

  • KitchenDoor

    I agree that Sharon made a graceful exit. And I don’t see why the first few readers criticized Nancy. Maybe I missed something but at least she gathered all the news clips together.

  • Borborygmus

    Sharon went out the way 100% of restaurateurs would like to exit. On. Her. Own. Terms. Brava, chef.

    I guess one can look at Ms. Brenner’s literary contributions (sucks) in comparison to previous DMN food reviewers. She may or may not be a technically better writer, but is she a better reviewer?

    Is she better or worse than Waltrina, Dottie or Bill, and why?

  • WmBTravis

    “. . . technically better writer, but is she a better reviewer?”

    Question answers itself.

    Serves Leslie (and her diet) right.

  • Memories of York Street: