Jammin’ on a Friday Afternoon with Jam Jar Sweets

Jam Jars both small and large.

Clever culinary student and 20-something entrepreneur Emily Skipper surprise-delivered these tasty treats to our offices this afternoon. (How did she know we’d need a 2 p.m. pick-me-up?) Her clever Jam Jar Sweets concept of jamming homey cobblers, s’mores, and cakes into Mason Jars may not be the first we’ve tried, but it might just be the tastiest.

UPDATE: Check out Emily and her Jam Jars at the Addison Four Winds Market at the corner of Beltline and the Toll Road on Saturday and Sunday.


  • Wes

    I’ve had the mixed berry cobler and the apple pie which were great! The 4oz jar is the perfect snack!

  • Gargamel Jones

    These look like a fantastic idea for holiday gifts and favors. I checked out the website and you can order a half-dozen of the 8-oz jars (which might take two sittings to finish off) for $30, which is a pretty good deal. I assume they taste as good as they look!

  • Wilson Phillips

    “Likes this”

  • Twinwillow

    What an incredible, original idea. Who woulda thunk it?
    They should wholesale to restaurants and Central Market.
    I’ve got to get my spoon into some of them.

  • What is Four Winds? Do you mean Addison’s Four Seasons Market at Belt Line and the Tollway?

    If so, Four Seasons is 9-2 on Saturdays and 10-3 on Sundays. SE corner- the parking lot of the old Bed, Bath & Beyond. I’m usually a vendor out there and we could really use people’s support. Get a brisket sandwich on site for lunch and eat one of these for dessert.

  • Christie

    This are just adorable! I plan on ordering some for the perfect holiday treat for my office mates.

  • SweetTooth

    I tried 3 of these “creations” and was disappointed. They’re far too mediocre to be so ambitiously priced. I hope all the publicity and praise this entrepreneur has been receiving doesn’t give her the impression her products can’t be improved up.

    Please, Emily, a small and boring cinnamon roll shoved into a jar does not a swoon worthy dessert make. Make something delicious, then we’ll talk. Good luck with your endeavor and may you improve your product so as not to go out of business.