I Want Enchiladas Now

Dishers, I am deeply depressed over the SF Giants victory last night. The city of San Francisco already has everything they need—food, architecture, beautiful views, fish. Infinity. It would have been so much more significant for the culture of Dallas if the Rangers had won. Perhaps we could shed the freakin’ boot-scootin-Billy Bob’s image we have all over the country. But nooo.

Today, Jenny Craig will have to wait. I need a big fat plate of cheesy enchiladas. Bring them on. Tell me where to go.

Update: RunDMC made my day with this clever comment: “Personally, I’m all over Rusty’s Enchiladas, Urban Enchiladas, Torchy’s Enchiladas, Enchiladas to Go, Enchiladas ‘r Us and Give ‘en Inch, ‘n Lawda They Take a Mile.”