Get Out Those Piping Tools and Gumdrops; It’s Time For the GermanDeli Gingerbread Haus Contest

In 2008 Evelyn Martinez of Mansfield used gingerbread to create this winter scene of German shops.

This is your year — the year when you’re gonna show those know-it-all cookie moms down the block who’s the real mac daddy of gingerbread. An here’s how you’re gonna do it: you’re going to make a house — a whole house — enter it in the GermanDeli Gingerbread Haus contest, and win the damn thing. That’ll show ’em.

This is only the 6th year that GermanDeli, that German/European wunderland of a food store in Colleyville, has run the contest, which means the field is still pretty green. You can take this!

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Just stay up all night making the perfect — and I mean perfect — gingerbread house and get it to the store by December 4. Then wait. And wait. And wait. (They won’t announce the winner until 2 pm on the 11th, but you can handle it.)

Details, rules, (Rules? Nobody said anything about rules.), and entry forms are available at GermanDeli, which, if you don’t know yet, also carries over 5,000 goodies imported from Germany, Austria, Holland, and an assortment of other Northern, Central and Eastern European countries. This time of year it’s all lebkuchen (German gingerbread), stollen (holiday cakes).

So even if you don’t win, you’ll be able to plot your strategy for next year over a mountain of lebkuchen. Not a bad way to go down.

GermanDeli is located at 5100 Highway 121 in Colleyville.