• Jessica Lowry

    We spent Thanksgiving at Smoke… The atmosphere was festive, but relaxed and the food was exceptional. The kids enjoyed it as much as the adults! Overall, a stellar experience!

  • laurie

    Chez Laurie

  • macpad

    Had Thanksgiving at Maggiano’s Northpark. Very crowded but they handled the large crowd and large parties like a pro. Service and food were both excellent. Nice job Maggiano’s.

  • PF

    Thanksgiving dinner at Tavern on the Greens/Four Seasons Hotel. Nice atmosphere, quiet, and live music (guitar). Overall good service and dining experience. Buffets are never my first choice but we wanted to try the Four Seasons this year. Menu details are on the hotels web site.
    The hotel does a good job with buffets, and has excellent, impressive, desserts.
    Sweet potatoes didn’t get justice in a micro plate sweet potato pancake with a salad garnish. The cranberry orange compote was a disappointing surprise in texture and flavor- the texture was like kechup with very well cooked cranberries and no cranberry flavor.

  • downtowner

    Sushi at Little Katana. Exceptional as always. Not quite sure how three people managed an ahi tower, 8 rolls, and a bottle of wine, but I don’t regret a single bite!

  • CollinBabs

    Well, since my Dad died 2 weeks ago Mom and I didn’t feel like cooking at home. So, we ate at Cracker Barrel! Good food and we got there right when they started serving Thanksgiving meals. By the time we were finished, the place had a 40 minute wait and we really struggled to get through the crowd to find the way out of the restaurant. Had a few leftovers for the next day but no dirty dishes!

  • D-elite

    Went to craft before the cowboys game! Had a perfectly roasted turkey with the best thanksgiving desserts I’ve ever had. The chocolate hazelnut torte was amazing.

  • DGirl

    DGuy and I went to cowtown for a few days . . . dinner at Grace – Wine Me Dine Me – four courses plus pairings for $59. Great stuff. We dined twice at Ellerbee’s Fine Foods. Yowzah. I’ve never tasted fresher vegetables than from there. Even the celery in the Panzanella salad was the best I’ve tasted. Dinner was divine. I had the grilled langostines with Saffron tagliatelle with tomatoes and kalamata olives. Amazing and totes worth the drive from Dallas.

  • Twinwillow

    Thanksgiving with 12 friends at another friends house where a big, beautiful 18 pounder was smoked to perfection in a Big Green Egg smoker.
    Great food, great wines, and of course, great friends!