• JRD

    The special Sunday night @ Hattie’s – mac & cheese crusted rib-eye with a port demi glace. Best thing I’ve ever eaten.

  • m

    Nana has got to be the most underrated restaurant in this city. Why it so rarely gets mentioned is beyond me. Carrot and red curry bisque with thai herbs, soba noodles, and crab croquettes was spectacular. Calimari with chanterelle risotto, pancetta, and chive oil was the most unique take on calimari I’ve had. Loved it. Had the lamb entree; didn’t love the lamb chops (a bit tough) but the lamb breast was delicious. Sweet potato and drunken goat cheese were perfect on the side. It’s crazy expensive (thank God for gift cards) but for a special occasion, there’s nothing better.

  • ldascha

    Saint Anne’s; thought we would give it a try after reading the D Magazine preview. Unfortunately, we were underwelmed; we had the scallops and grits, and a pesto linguini. The menu is creative enough, but the quality of the cooking, and service is far below standards. Probably will not find the time to return, sorry.

  • RLA

    Nosh was great! Its quickly becoming my favorite restaurant in Dallas. Service and hospitality is top notch! But skip the beef cigarettes… sadly, they’re almost uneatable. However, everything else that I have ordered there is amazing and the prices are quite reasonable!

    Al Biernat’s Tuesday night was a real treat. I am always surprised to see how busy they are. Its a Dallas staple and for good reason. The baked brie was delicious and prefect for the weather!

    I randomly went to Stratos greek restaurant and had never been there before. The food was fine enough, but the whole experience was FUN! If you have not been, I highly suggest going to meet the owner and enjoy some belly-dancing (dont be too surprised when you get pulled up on a table to join in on the belly-dancing fun!)

  • Gastronome

    Samar last night before the symphony (which started at 8:00). Arrived at 7:10; seated immediately; the waiter asked if we were headed on to a performance and what time it started; 8 tapas between 2 of us and seated in the Myerson (full, fat and happy) for the performance by 7:50 without ever feeling rushed. Thanks Stephen – your entire operation performed like a Stradivarius.

  • TLS

    I have to give a shout out to all the chains I went to this weird week. So, Corner Bakery, Tin Star, Salt Grass and Brio thanks for your consistency.

    In the non-chain arena I had a great butternut squash pizza at Urban Crust and great plain cheese NY style pizza at Ferrari’s.

  • Mint – Love that place. We all shared the Mint app platter, delicious soup, a salad with grilled steak and fried rice (which made great leftovers!)

    New Tom Thumb – Half a ham sandwich. Just what you would expect. Cool new store though. Glad its open again.

    Dive – Salad with curry shrimp & delicious ice tea. I chose the black spiced version.

    Ocean Prime – Fantastic experience in every way. The music, service, food, people watching. Had the “surf & turf” app of scallops and braised short ribs (I think Dean just got upstaged) The fondue (I could have drank that stuff!) And a platter of King crab claws, shrimp and crab meat.

    @Gastronome – I have been meaning to get over to Samar and your review just put it at the top of the list. Thanks!

  • CB

    Hook, Line & Sinker – wonderful fried oysters and spicy Mexican shrimp cocktail

    Buffalo Wild Wings – naked chicken tenders with Wild sauce and a side salad with spicy garlic sauce. Quenched the burn with a tall draft beer. YUM!

  • Brandy

    Eatzi’s for lunch… caught them just as they were cooking sea bass and had them serve me one hot from the griddle instead of getting it from the case. Delish!

    Porch- Ordered my fave short rib stroganoff but for the second time it was not as tender and fall apart-y as it once was. And it tasted reheated. You know that taste? Like it was from the night before and just warmed up when I ordered it. Mac and Cheese was stellar tho.

    Mattito’s… pretty good, but once you’ve had Uncle Julios fajitas you might as well just pick something else at Tex Mex places b/c nothing compares.

    Mint- Red curry and Pad Thai. Awesome.

    Picked up fresh Petrale Sole from Rex’s Seafood. Lightly fried it and served with shredded brussels sprouts and butternut squash puree. And that was probably the best meal of the week!

  • PF

    Glorias on Greenville Ave – nice venue but food at Lemon Ave. @ Douglas location is much better. Asked for plain corn tortillas instead of chips to go w/ the ordered appetizers, they charged for the tortillas – first time this has happened. Not saying it’s unjustified, just surprised to see the line item for tortillas on the bill. Good service, ho-hum food – would not return to this location.

  • downtowner

    Sunday dinner at Horne & Dekker. Loved the reasonably priced wine list. Jalapeno cornbread was delish; duck breast was quite tasty. I was tempted to lick the dish that the sweet potatoes came in. Service was friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. I’ll be back.

  • laurie

    16-inch cheese pie from Sal’s (Wycliff and the Tollway). New York-style with the outer edges thick and doughy, but the rest of the pizza is thin. Terrific. They also make a mean chicken parm sandwich. Great crusty bread.

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