Estate of Harry Fagen to Match All North Texas Food Bank Gifts Through Dec. 31, Up to $250,000

Thanks to a matching grant, your dollar will now feed eight people.

With all this talk of abundance, it’s important to take a moment for a reality check about the state of hunger in Texas today. Not sure if you knew this, but the USDA reported this morning that Texas is the second hungriest state in the nation. This isn’t just sad news given the fast-approaching holiday season; it’s just plain old sad.

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Donations at the North Texas Food Bank are down 12 percent compared to last year. Seventeen percent of Texas households are at risk of hunger, and 8.8 million Texas households are unable to “provide all members with enough food for an active healthy life.”

So, what can we do? Or, as I like to say, “How can we be helpful?”

Donate, people! It’s the holiday season and if the NTFB is going to meet their goal of handing out 28,000 Thanksgiving turkeys to families in need, they’re gonna need your help. Before now, every dollar that you donated would feed four people. But as of today, thanks to the estate of Harry Fagen, which has posted a matching grant up to $250,000, your one dollar will feed eight people. That means with only a $10 donation, you can help 80 people not go hungry, if only for one day.

More of a do-er than a donator? Simply text NTFB to 85944 to make a quick and easy $10 donation, host your own virtual food drive, or resort to the old-reliable and volunteer at one of NTFB’s kitchens or food distribution programs.

Regardless of how you do it, giving is an essential part of the holiday season. Your inner foodie will thank you, and Texans everywhere will thank you.