Dr. Bells BBQ on Main St. Closes

A fellow D staffer emailed this morning to report that Dr. Bells BBQ on Main Street has closed. Here’s what we know: it was open on Friday and had padlocked doors today. If there’s a story there, we’ll find it, but the sad bottom line is that that the Downtown lunch crowd has one less option to choose from.


  • Krista Nightengale

    I think the sad bottom line is not that the downtown lunch crowd has lost a place, but the downtown residents have lost a place to eat. There are so many options during the day, but when everyone goes home, the restaurants close shop leaving those of us who live there few options. I’m sad to see Dr. Bells BBQ go.

  • CB

    Dang it! I loved their spicy brisket chili.

  • Katie Mac

    As a resident of Downtown, this is a very sad day indeed. I agree, Krista, it’s the residents that Dr. Bell’s really catered for. Built by his hands, a truly LOCAL spot with the best BBQ in the city. VIVA Dr. Bell’s BBQ and We look forward to hearing where the good doctor opens up shop next.

  • Noooooooo!!!! That was the best BBQ downtown by far!!! DAMN.